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Holy Shit!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SolidGuitar, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. OH JESUS GOD!!! HOLY CHRIST!!! THIS MAY JUST BE THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! I just found a FUCKING JOINT among my mom's possessions. It may be thin motherfucker but GOD DAMN it's sure as hell filled with that wonderful plant we all know as M-A-R-I-J-U-A-N-A! Oh god. Holy shit. If my mom starts tokin'... I COULD USE SOME KARMA!! Can anyone lend me some crossed fingers?

    Yeah I just wanted to share. I'm EXCITABLE.
  2. I can hear you yelling all the way here. Take it easy, I guess you could start bringen up the subject "marijuana" more often and see how she reacts. Maybe she'll be honest or something and spill the beans.
  3. Haha that's pretty cool man. Try and catch her in the act. =)
  4. thats awesome, i wish my mom would smoke with me.. :) that would be the best.
  5. I happen to know for a fact that my dad smokes occasionally, but I would never want to smoke with him... it would be too fuckin' wierd.
  6. I have smoked with my mom it was an intresting feeling. Made me feel better that my sack was better than hers. I got my mom hella stoned off my shit. She was actually proud that I got good stuff.
  7. my mom buys me at least $100 of bud a month. :D
  8. do what my mom did to me, leave a little post it note wrapped around it saying, "you're not supposed to smoke this, are you?" sign your name and see what she does. one of two things will happen, she's bring it up or she'll ignore it. if she brings it up, tell her you do it too, if she ignores it, oh well...
  9. uhhh don't do that you might catch ur parents doing something else..
  10. my mom offerd me a joint when iwas like 14
  11. just cuz yur mom smokes doesnt mean she will be down with u smoking. my parents have smoked weed for well over 25 years and when i told them i smoked they were not pleased at all. they used the "i'm not angry, i'm just dissapointed" line. talk about guilt. but they cant do much about it cuz it was there roach i got high on for the 1st time. really good stuff to.
  12. damn people if i could smoke with my parents life would be freakin perfect, as it is they'd chop my head off if they new i toked, well mother knows i have once but if she knew how much i really smoked......if anyone knew how much i really smoked.........lmao.............i have so much THC in my system i could get arrested for possession

  13. heh, i vote for that one.... i wouldnt sign your name though.... especially if you have siblings.... make her paranoid about who found it....

  14. hey nice job on yer finding :D

    my son is going to need therapy someday for somthing he barged in on once....(so barging=bad)
    "OH GOD only SICK people do THAT during the DAY!., Im NEVER going to kiss you again"... ah man,.ill never forget those

    btw little dude forgot and still kisses his momma
  15. i wish my moms accepted pops said when they first got together, she would party it up wit him, until she got pregnant wit me, so then she quit........DAMN, stupid me........

    but ay'ways, i smokes wit my pops.....i think its tight as fuck.......i could talk to him about a lot more shit.......

  16. Dammit Rooster Hoover, you Nasty Freak....that's my line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    -- Joe-King

    PS: (just so y'all know, I wasnt flamming her...she a good friend of mine in our circle here at UNCP!!)
  17. Well, I know that both my parents used to smoke, but my dad got a job that gives piss tests, so he cant any more, I think my mom still does occasionally though. I'd kinda like to smoke with her, but it would be kinda wired.

  18. you'd get use to it.....believe me.....cus i felt weird wit my pops, but when he told me i cant buy weed, he'll just give it to me, i was like THANKS GOD.........

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