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  1. The Aliens we see today, are in fact, humans from this earth, that have since evolved, and left because of something unforeseen in the future. They have figured out time travel, and have been visiting this earth for quiet some time. We just only saw a few of them. It really does all make sense... :smoking:
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    don,t tell everyone [​IMG]
  3. ^ Are you an alien?
  4. u saw nothing and of story,dont be blurtin out that shit the fbi and ppl r monitoring u and me and every1 else on this earththey can wipe u off the face of the earth and brain wash us all cuz of u so dont be saying that shit
  5. the pyramids were built by some ingeniously diabolical bastard teens from the future.

    they used timetravel to make the worlds largest graffiti. HUGE stone monuments covered in symbols. its all a sham. there never were egyptians, just time traveling teens bent on making future generations waste A LOT of time.
  6. i feel thats all stupid. my readings on time and space make me beleive backwards time travel is impossible, the theory on how it would would is sound but putting it into practise is, by all our known info and a few years on my deep intense thought, impossible, to the deepest meaning of the word, i know excsatly to a t how time travel would work, but understand it cant. I think, its all im good at.

  7. Thats just it.... And I believe this 100% in me....


    So I really don\'t think anyone knows today if it\'s possible or not....

    Remember.. The world was flat at one point...

    Edit: I found this from the Men in Black movie script, and thought it fit pretty well:

  8. Wait, why would you even want to go back in time?

    You could do one little thing and change history, or even somehow affect your own life and never be born or....

    yeah...too much to think about...

    What if you went back in time and couldn\'t go forward again?

    Or even worse, what if you went back and it merged the present with the past and caused the entire universe to just cancel itself out?

    ...Then again, what if you went back and the mere process of going back destroyed the past via some sort of temporal shockwave, thus cancelling all existance in the present out, including your own?

    Just go forward and avoid having to concern yourself about all of those consequences...:p

    But who knows, maybe the future isn\'t such a good place to be?
  9. but if you go to the future and then come back to \"now\" you ahve to travel back in time thus creating all the problems you just said.

    I think time travel is possible, but beyond our current technological capability. I like that men in black quote. I use similar examples with people all the time. I could also rattle off several different situations where time travel is possible, even ones that work around the \"problems\" many people think there would be.

  10. Yep. That\'s why you may have to stay there unless you could figure out a way to prevent the serious after effects. I actually considered the whole idea more, and other things came to mind. What if the adverse effect spread not only to the past, but also the future? A major fluctuation in the space-time continum might have some serious repercussions unless you figured out a dampening effect to the severe expenditure of energy you\'d be displacing backwards through time (you\'d basically have to go and shut the door behind you, then open it again when you came back, in a matter of speaking.) If you couldn\'t know for sure and you tried to go back, it could cause a cascade effect and possibly do some nasty things (think of this like droping a stone in a pool of still water: it sends ripples throughout the water).

    It might be more reasonable to just fold space and time and skip from place to place, but you\'d still be rearranging the makeup of the universe to do so, and you would have to have some way of putting things back the way they were once you left.

    It could all be simpler than that, but there are quite a few things in the grey-area that I\'m unsure of that could possibly affect the end result of splitting the fabric of existance and then rearranging it, even if it was isolated enough just to carry one person (through it might send them to another dimension instead of back in time, calculations of intensity of the splitting effect to create a doorway to ONE particular moment and not overshooting or undershooting by a large gap), closing the doorway may prevent such a ripple effect.

    I think there are a lot of things yet to discover about the universe and how time and dimensions exist to form the correct calculations for time travel or interdimensional travel.

    If the fabric of time is like a giant sheet of paper, if you rip it, you\'ll have to find some way of fixing it.

    The possibilities for forward and backwards travel would hold some interesting things in store for us.

    Imagine being able to observe things that happened in history...so much would change.

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