Holy shit!

Discussion in 'General' started by DeeJayBoy, Feb 28, 2001.

  1. I am mad now. I was changing my laundry over and all of a sudden, my apartment started shaking. I thought the neighbors upstairs were wrestling or something... Then my cat freaked out and let out an awful yell, then ran and hid. Next thing I know, I hear the fishtank in the front room spill over onto the floor. Then, all sorts of shit started to fall all over my place. There's a loud, pissed off rumble comming from everywhere! I started to struggle to stand up, kind of like when you're trying to walk down the aisle on the bus, and almost fell over. I finally figure out that there's a freaking earthquake going on! So, I stand in the doorway like I *think* you're supposed to and smoke a ciggie. This lasts for like, a minute or so. Then, it was over. Never been in an earthquake before... Don't like em too much, I reckon... Lost a bong to this ordeal. :( Dammit.
  2. Damn! you definitely need to chill now, I smoke one for you! Be carefull Deejay, we can't lose a member due to a earthquake.

    Take care

  3. Quake Shakes Northwest
    12:00 pm PST, 28 February 2001

    A strong earthquake has hit the Pacific Northwest, shaking buildings in Seattle and Portland, Oregon, for nearly 30 seconds. There are no immediate reports of injuries.
    The quake, estimated at 6.5 on the Richter scale, hit at approximately 10:55 a.m., local time. Seismologists at the University of Washington put the epicenter of the quake at some 30 miles southwest of Seattle.

    The quake was felt as far away as Salt Lake City, Utah.

    In downtown Portland, office buildings swayed for 20 to 30 seconds, while local television stations in Seattle showed pictures of collapsed rubble and people evacuating buildings.

    The Federal Aviation Administration closed Seattle-Tacoma International Airport following the jolt, saying the facility's control tower had been damaged.

    The quake was the largest to hit the Northwest since a 5.6 tremor on March 25, 1993. That quake was the most destructive earthquake in Oregon's history, causing $30 million in damage.

    is this the earthquake you talking about man? hope your house is ok!
  4. earthquakes! we have em all the time where i live (right next to the san andreas fault like in califorina!). they can be scary in cities though. i hope everything is okay! and you.

    sorry to hear about the bong.. i never keep mine in high up places for that reason. =]
  5. Yep! That's the quake in question. It was pretty weird. Never experienced one before. I lost a bong, but I'm cool. Nothing else was damaged, but my cat and my sugar glider were really damn freaked out. A few of my roomate's fish are dead too. The tank didn't tip over at all, but for some reason there were two dead fish on the carpet! I think they jumped. :) I'll take that tip. I am moving my bongs to the floor. ;) PLUR!
  6. That's one of the reasons I like ontario, it's where the poeple move and the ground doesnt :D ... Poor little bong :(
  7. Poor fish!
  8. i herd about that on the news. hope your ok.
  9. Did you feel the aftershock today? (Was it today? I heard it on the radio today)

    It was kinda powerful for an aftershock, but I guess I don't know the specific definition of an aftershock.
  10. sounds like mother nature is getting pissed.
  11. i live near a military base, and they are always playing war games out in thew middle of the desert. sometimes when they've been playing a little too hard, they have a flood and bad lightning storms on the base.

    i always say, "that's mother nature's way of letting them know she doesn't like to be screwed with!"

  12. scary shit brah
  13. holy shit thread revival
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