Holy shit!

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  1. Id put him in charge of guarding the stash :) aint no cop ready to fuck with a thing of that size and intimadation.
  2. that thing isnt real is it?
  3. Those teeth are the most fucked up thing ever. Id rather be attacked by a shark.
  4. Ooooh. That's a reticulated python.

    They are badass. Not only do they have rows of teeth, but they are recurved ( curved inwards) so if you get bitten and pull away, it just fucks you up more. In order get the python that is latched onto your arm off, you actually have to push yourself further INTO its mouth first....
  5. ^^ Which is exactly why I'm staying the fuck away from them.
  6. the things at the bottom of the page is stupid.
  7. I wonder how many swings with a machete it would take to chop that thing in half...
  8. Sorry, I think I hit your sheep, with my fanged-python.
  9. I wish I could find the picture of me holdin one of these huge fuckers. It wasn't full grown, but was still huge and heavy as fuck. It weighted down my shoulders like, whoa.
  10. I won't lie... If I saw that thing at first I'd be like AHHH! and run away. Then come back later with Crocodile Dundee and take care of that thing.
  11. Fuck that noise, I'd come back with a jeep and a 12 gauge.
  12. A Jeep and a 12 gauge? You wouldn't want to see Dundee make that thing into dinner, a pair of boots and new vest? I would...
  13. ^^ I'd want it to be dead as fast as possible, and somehow I think I could do that with a 12 gauge faster than Dundee could with his knife... Unless he brought some kind of large caliber weapon...
  14. Nah, he wouldn't bring a large caliber weapon. It'd ruin the snake skin.
  15. That's what I figured. I suppose if I waited inside the vehicle... With the engine running :cool:.
  16. Thats a good plan... Just incase shit gets crazy.
  17. Man, you guys are fucked up wanting to kill a snake just cause it looks scary. Ive owned rattle snakes, boas, pythons, gopher snakes, king snakes, and racers. I couldnt ever kill a snake. Leave it alone and itll do the same. Id kill a person before an animal/reptile any day
  18. ^ I meant along the lines of the article, if it was destroying my livelihood.

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