Holy shit.

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  1. i say u break up with her she dosnt respect u and even if she says she will change she wont

    so BAM!!!

  2. 1) don't reciprocate by playing games
    2) talk to her about how you've completely had it with her.
    3) break up with her, because if she's done this 20 times, she isn't going to stop. she has no regard for your feelings.
    4) women are allowed to be friends with men without sex happening. i can't deal with boyfriends who don't let me hang with my male friends.
  3. Thats messed up but funny thats the worst case!! Here friends talked her into going but a GOOD girlfriend would do what she says not tell you one thing and do another. Do it to her and see how she acts. Turn the Table on her.

  4. Thats funny you say that I've let my girlfriend hang out with her guy friends from school and what not. I try to do the same thing and she would give me the twenty ?'s.
  5. doing this will only make you look like an asshole. be a man, step up and talk to her and end it if she's not going to be honest with you. A relationship is only worth as much as you can trust the other person.

    revenge tactics are for idiots who shouldn't be dating to begin with.
  6. maybe there's something in your behavior that gives her a reason to ask twenty questions?

    maybe she just wants to know details of your day?

    if you offered up the information, she might not ask so much..

    but ive found when it comes to younger couples, there's a lot of jealousy and dishonesty..

  7. brahhh go lay pipe to some uther bitch she anit wanting it and you prod dont need her if she acts like dat find some girl who does what u ask and can actually be togater with you:( im sorry for it soundin harsh just gutta man up and let it go br i was in the same shit before and it sucks u out time energy and money into some one who hasnt relized how goood it is till its banging some other girl and taking care of her

  8. She wants time to herself. She just said that to make you happy, but when it came down to it she did what she wants to do.

    Give her some room homie
  9. I dated a girl like this once. Dump her OP! How did it turn out?
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  10. lol.. Bro.. She knows you'll wait, so why the fuck would she be in a rush?
  11. This thread's from 2008 and the OP apparently hasn't been on GC since 2013, lol.
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    I just realized this thread is 8 yrs old .. nevamind
  13. OP will deliver. Let's just wait it out
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