Holy shit.

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  1. Im so fucking mad. I hate it when she does this.

    I call her and here alot of noise and shit, i ask where are you?

    im in a van i dont even know where im going text me.

    turns out shes with a shit load of guys and some of her girlfriends.

    holy shit. i want to flip out on her right now.

    she was going to hang out with me tonight "for sure" because we havent in a while.

    doesnt look like that will happen.

    but goddamn it im so pissed.

    she always pull this shit, she was going to go straight home and call me at three, i wait an hour call her no answer. so i wait another hour and call, then all this happened.

    like this honestly makes me have doubts on our relationship when she does this.

    omg do i need a fucking bowl.
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  2. She's probably on her way to some crazy orgy with guys who have way bigger dicks than you.
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  3. So she was in a van with a bunch of guys and her friends? Either she was about to partake in a old school Roman Orgy or she just wanted to have some fun with a group of friends without the restraints of her boyfriend bogging her down...

    Chill man, give the girl some breathing room.

    Edit: haha, seems like me and strokemydick (fucked up username) are in the same frame of mind.
  4. Its the fact that she promised she would go home and call me, which didnt happen, and she promised to hang out with me, which she just confirmed isnt happening.

    and she would absolutely throw a shit fit if i was doing what she is doing.
  5. Obvioulsy she ditched you because she is tired of your small little weiner.
  6. [quote name='strokemydick']Obvioulsy she ditched you because she is tired of your small little weiner.[/quote

    every single post you have had so far, is immature and unneeded.

    i dont really understand you sense of humor.
  7. It's obviously the truth. I'm sure she readily admits it to everyone but you. Why else would she ditch you? Do you think she doesn't get horny on a daily basis? Obviously someone is taking care of her needs, and it's not your pathetic miniature penis.
  8. strokemydick coulda been a really productive member lol

  9. haha my thoughts exactly.

    thank god he finally got banned.
  10. yeaa man that sucks..if it happens that often maybe you should have a serious talk with her about your relationship and find out how she feels and if there is any reason she is ditching to hang out with her friends.

    try not to keep too worked up...smoke a couple bowls and try and trust that shes not out getting gang banged in a van lol.
  11. i think shes doing it because she has you by the balls bro. you whine like a little boy because she is hanging out with her friends? come on. chances are, shes not in a giant orgy, you just need to chill out. and next time, dont get so whipped for a girl, it really shows...
  12. its not even the fact im being whiney, its just she does this all the time, if this was a one time deal id let it go. this is going on 20, atleast.

    and the fact that i turned down lots of things to chill with her, just annoys me.
  13. do it to her a couple times and she will see how it feels
  14. most deffinitely
    but for serious, dont sweat it. if shes cheating on you then its her loss(or gain) if you dont trust her you shouldnt be together
  15. meh, no reason to get revenge. i talked to her about it, which i do every single time. i dont know i think shes starting to get the point.

    after she does things a few hundred times and i flip out on her each of those times, she gets the point.
  16. i never thought she was really cheating on me, i just thought that the fact guys were involved was kind of frustrating.

    its the fact i put off plans with other people for her, cause she was certain she could come over.
  17. it's cold shoulder time. you're not playing the game right.

    take some time away from her. let her do her own thing and get everything out of her system. you do your own thing. and if she wants to hang up, make up some random excuse that you're doing sometime. the more times you reject her, the more she'll want to hang out. maybe she's pushing you out of the way because you seem like the eager one in the relationship? do you make it a point for you guys to always hang out? cause it doesn't seem like she's the one asking you to make plans... :confused:
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  18. If she didn't say she would cchill with you i'd say meh, but dude I would cut some ties there...
  19. as a matter of fact she brought up hanging out last night.

    she was like "hey i dont have any plans friday wanna chill"

    this shits just so frustrating.:mad:
  20. Don't waste your time on her, she obviously has no respect for your feelings. Some people are like that. Better to end it now than deal with her shit. Move on to greener pastures my friend.

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