holy shit... you guys will not beileve this!

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    Here is the link
    Reptilians - David Icke's Official Forums

    Hey guys i came across this website the other day and read some of what these people say... they are fucking crazy haha. They are all convinced that reptilian humanoids walk the earth... you really have to really read some of the stuff they are writing. It is fucking hilarious. Here is a few posts from the site

    "I'm starting to notice things about some peoples eyes. I'm not a racist but my manager @ work she's part indian and I notice her eyes are diffrent than mine. They almost look normal but they almost look like small reptile eyes at times. Then it would go back to normal round.
    Also I saw a customer at work with huge reptile like eyes I looked @ her then she quickly glanced down suspiciously. Wow what's going on here........"

    "Does anyone ever think anyone in their family is reptilian? Some of my extended family seem very cold blooded and there is history of physical and sexual abuse on both sides of my family. It's a scary thought but it doesn't scare me too much because I know I am more than my DNA (thanks David!) I try to avoid these 'family' members."

    "I think have some reptilian blood...I do know that my Dad's family is reptilian, because they too have a history of physical abuse, drug abuse, and sexual abuse. All kinds of that negative pasts. I am half-blooded, because my Mom's family is purely human (kind of)."

    Holy shit get this one. The thread title is
    Reptilian scent that you can smell in a crowd
    "Here is how to detect reptilians. If you live in a metropolitan area and happen to ride the subways. When you are in a crowded area of the subways, you can sometimes smell them amongst the crowd. There is a distinct smell or odor that you can sometimes smell when you are in a crowded area. This smell or strong musky odor is the result of reptilians recently feeding on human flesh and blood. It smells like a strong armpit odor but very strong. Those who have smelled it but thought it was just human odor know what I am talking about. It is their odor. It is the reptilian scent that they give off as a result of recently feeding on human flesh and blood.

    Next time you are in a crowd and notice the smell, look carefully around you and see if you can detect them."

    Please find some hilarious posts and put them up on this thread!!!!!!!!
  2. haha just found this
    Blood banks are reptillian scams

    The actually amount of blood needed by hospitals for surgeries and hemophiliacs, is minute to the actual amount that is donated . What is being done with all of this unused blood? Vampires long have been part of the worlds legend for as long history has been written ,long before Vlad the impaler. Muslim lore speaks of blood drinking monsters,Chinese legends have blood drinking dragons that come in the middle of the night,sound familiar? , I say reptillians are farming this blood for there own uses ,reptillians and vampires two sides of the same coin?
  3. sounds like these people are all fucked in the head....
  4. It is almost as ridiculous as a man in the sky that hears, sees, and knows everything.
  5. let the trolling commence

    "Also I saw a customer at work with huge reptile like eyes I looked @ her then she quickly glanced down suspiciously. Wow what's going on here........"

    hahah wtf maybe shes glancing down because youre making her feel uncomfortable by staring at her thinking shes a reptilian

    good find OP
  6. haha look at this reply that that thread got

    "Yes. Just keep on posting garbage that the greys told you to.

    I am descended from greys on both my mother and fathers side and the greys would never do what you posted."

    This website is a prime example of why crack cocaine should NEVER be mixed with DMT
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  8. Haha I read that earlier and literally laughed out loud. Those people are nuts. Who the fuck honestly believes they are descendants from aliens? I love all the different names they have for the different types of aliens.
  9. dude, jet look at Ann coulter.... her arms dude!

  10. Aka Marfan Syndrome
  11. nah man, she's a alien. she feeds on the children of liberals.
  12. "holy shit... you guys will not beileve this!"

    Absolutely correct. Lizard people?

    Step one - Use brain
    Step two - Post.
  13. my friend is reptillian. He has really squinty eyes and sometimes his parents talk to him in what sounds like parsel tongue from Harry potter.. Wait, nevermind, he's just Asian.
  14. "It's a reptilian death ray! Gotta be!" - Random homeless crackhead in GTA IV
  15. lol David Icke's website.

    Need we say more!
  16. Guys, not trying to sound really stupid am I'm not saying I do believe in reptilians and all that nonsense, but I talked to this man with some big ass snake eyes at a boxing show.

    He seemed normal. Well, that's my story.
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