holy shit...what just happened?

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  1. OK...kind of excited and kind of wigged out right now...

    I just woke up from this dream where I was flying through a BIG room...but it was like I knew I was dreaming and knew it was getting ready to happen....but it had this undertone of....I dont know....of 'spiritual' energy shit going on...a bunch of other stuff went on....

    But it was like what Ive heard lucid dreams are LIKE....but I was not trying to do anything of the sort...I have enough damn trouble sleeping....I dont need or want the astral plane....Im kind of freaked out right now...

    lol...I was awakened during this dream by my upstairs neighbors fucking....very loudly....short lived because the dude was pounding the pussy hard...lol....fuckers...I almost banged the ceiling....but I still was feeling like I was flying....and before I could get all worked up listening to them fuck...he had banged it out already...lullzzz

    Has this ever happened to anybody? Not the fucking part...haha

    I cant be dragged into the astral plane, can I? Do not WANT
  2. lol...nobody up in here knows about astral plane?? I must google...
  3. One time I was dreaming and I was kind of just sitting there. A voice (not sure if it was mine or not) said "that is going to be loud, do not be startled" and then there was this big ass boom of thunder outside the house. I didn't wake up :smoke:

    Not sure if it relates.
  4. ^

    that's sweet!

    OP, you may have just projected. Next time you're out, if u dont like it, just think of ur body
  5. The same thing happened to me, but my neighbor was throwing shit at me while I was running in the street. I knew I was dreaming tho, it was wierd. Alot of wierd shit happened, but I seemed to be conscious. Pretty much yes this has happened :p
  6. ...thanks for the infos guys....I got back to sleep...good to know about thinking about the body...going to do some reding up...lol

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