~Holy shit this is amazing~

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    If you have nice bass on your system you can appreciate this.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=197R_iL4A3o]YouTube - Rebelution - More Than Dub (Michael G Easy Star All-Stars Remix)[/ame]
  2. Very different, wow.. i can imagine this on my brothers amazing hi fi.
    Nice one bro. :)
  3. I almost blew out my step-bros sub in his car with this track today :eek:

    spread the fire:smoke:
  4. this is amazing i love them
  5. I got too see them do this live and OMG wat a mindfuck.
  6. I love dub music :)

    If you like this I feel like you would enjoy OTT.
  7. I've just started listening to Rebelution...haven't heard this one tho....good stuff. They just came thru here but I was out of town :(

    Good stuff!:cool:
  8. Coming through Chico soon, and no shit I'm going! Why even ask?
    Oh, you didn't?
  9. See if you can get em to say why they left so high off bright side of life.
  10. Fuck yes.

    I love melodica.

    Check out Augustus Pablo. Originater, and amazing.
  11. fucking awesome, sir.

    need to get the album

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