Holy shit, the most awesome kids ever

Discussion in 'General' started by Retroshark, Aug 9, 2007.

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  2. :eek:

    Holy fuck dude, those kids are awesome. Makes me wish I stayed with my guitar lessons
  3. These kids are incredible for how old they are! Especially the youngest on the mandolin :eek:
  4. Fucking brilliant :hello: and I have that same Vista guitar the one on the right is playing
  5. That lil kid on the mando is BALLIN hahaha

    He sure can play..Id definatley have a sesh with these kids..

    Jam sesh, not smoke sesh...maybe when theyre older.
  6. haha I have been playing for about 6 months now. That completely blew away anything I can play on my little Fender acoustic. I hate those kids, but damn do I respect them.
  7. Looks like we have a future Jimmy Page on our hands
  8. The kid on the left got no camera action.

    The kid in the middle doesn't seem to be enjoying it.

    The kid on the right, got better towards the end.
    But all of them are amazing guitar players.
  9. How many guitarists are in this thread?

    I used to be really into playing the guitar and listening to virtuoso quality guitar work... and I assure you, those kids are nowhere close. Of course they are decent players and compared to other kids their age they have a great deal of talent. Nothing they played was overly difficult and their lead work was rather sloppy. Sorry, but my appreciation of quality guitarmenship is tainted by my knowledge of what truly great guitar work is. They got skill, but they got a long way to go... good thing they have a long life ahead.

    I'd bet my left pinky that Jason Becker at any one of their ages,who played Classical Guitar by the time he was 5, would murder them in any discipline related to the guitar or music. He of course toured with David Lee Roth by the time he was 17 and went on to become one the most well respected, loved, and appreciated musicians in teh modern guitar world. www.jasonbecker.com Not to hijack but spread the love since we all love impressive guitarwork so much.
  10. Those kids were pretty damn good, nothing amazing but if they keep at it they could become very good. If you ask me, knowing what I know..those kids are not enjoying it as they should. Looks to be more of a thing daddy wants, and if they don't have the passion for it they won't ever be 'great'. I wouldnt go as far as Burn did, but yeah..he's on the right path.
  11. i know what you mean,
    they can the play, but noting spectacular
    they're on the right path though

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