Holy shit the Cops are comming

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Greenbudz, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Here's a quick story to get you laughing. My wife and I set out for some state land to plant a patch of the holy herb. When we arrived all was good. We both went about doing what we do best. Just as I smooth the last bit of dirt and pick up my materials(in a patch of about 100 plants) I heard sirens blaring. I raised my head faster than a buck deer on opening day. My wife and I piosed for about a second or to with utter disbelief that the cops were comming down a dead end street, and we were trapped like rats. We flew into the woods not caring about the prickers and limbs slapping our faces let alone hold a branch so the other could have a clear run. We sprinted upon a deep stream gully, where a split decision was made by both of us. With no verbal communication as to not give our position away she took the high road and yes I leaped about 15 feet down nearly spearing myself on a old branch. We both scurried out of the woods and to our distantly parked car only to learn it was fire engines traveling on the road about a mile away. Wahoo. No trouble at all just another day in the life of a Cannabis cultivator.

  2. lol....that was funny...........Peace out........Sid

    especially as, when you said you heard sirens and raised your head......so did i.......lol................and then you said about the deer on opening day and i damn near wet myself.....lol..............Peace out.........Sid
  3. "I raised my head faster than a buck deer on opening day"

    rotflmao :D

    thanx, i needed that, hehe
  4. Haha nice story bro. Glad you're still with us. :)
  5. lol,good story!

    my scariest moment was wen we were at a hut in a field when a tractor came rushing over, i've never put my shit away that quick ever agen! but it was going to fertilize the field and didnt see us so we sat back down, toked up and lafed about it! :D
  6. Damn man, at least it wasnt the cops...shit the funniest part was the buck on opening day!!!
  7. Lol, thats some funny shit, lol..but ur lucky u werent caught.

    We shoudl be allowed to make use of cannabis and not be pestered by the law for it.
  8. dr krapp, you are kinda freekin me out with the ...
    *digit feels monitor...*
    its getting a bit hot... should i be worried? its been on for ... over a week without a break, and no coffee... it hasnt started jumping or going Bip yet, so i should be safe right?]
  9. Pothead Pete here. I'm glad you didn't get busted. It is a shame that we have to worry about growing a plant!!!!!!!!!!GROWBIGBUDSINTORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. woah dude thats some good luck. lucky you!, i was out of the country this summer and i was tokin up my hotel room when i woke up. and when i was done with 2 bowls of chron i looked out the window(where i was --with the curtain surrounding me), and i saw this old woman glaring at me. i was like oooh shit, she knows!, i was getting a little nervous, but i decided to let it go. then--- i looked back out the window and saw a 'policia' on a bike drive into her apt. complex, and a few minutes later she left, came back with the copper and started pointing at My window. i just freaked out, took ALL my shit with me, cuz i don't know how foreign popos work, and left the hotel really fast. when i came back that night my room had been searched~!!
  11. I feel for you guys. Be careful. In Canada its much more lenient. You don't even get a ticket. They just take your information. People are arguing the cops don't even have that right as you aren't breaking any laws.On the other hand Canada stiffened their penalties for illegal growers by almost double. That's like shooting yourself in the foot isn't it? I have a medical exemption to both grow and posess my own weed.So I don't have to worry. But I do think everyone who wants it should be free to get it without repurcussions. It has changed my life for sure. I gained 50 lbs. of much needed weight because of weed.
  12. Thats so fucked up that in these so called free countrys that we cant even grow a fucking plant when Giant Coporations are allowed to dump waste and things that ruin the whole earth and not get in trouble. Fuck This SHIT! Omg fucking America. This world is going to get fucked up so bad because of us and are stupid ways of thinking. Do you wanna know why the internet is so easy to talk on and do anything you want to? Because there are no laws, no people to suck up to, being totally free and expressing your mind! Damn I wish people would just drop dead. Look at companys like Coca Cola, Exon-Mobil, Johnson and Johnson! Shit America just goes and blows up a country because of oil and nothing more. God its like so mind blowing that people accept all this shit. We had a revolution because people did wanna pay taxes or obey stupid laws. Just like Tea, Molasses and Whiskey were all being fucked my other people who dont know shit, now its ourselves fucking ourselves over. Racism, Violence, people being overweight. While religion controls the masses and goverment takes are money no body wants to do anything. Money we trust in, fuck that. Everyone whats to monoplize everything. Money this money that! I goto school everyone wants money, nobody every thinks about being happy and living their lives. Fucking kids, adults, people and being controlled by a mindless corupt goverment. Kids learn by Telivision and parents being divorced and creating all this hate! Millions of dollars spent on weapons of mass destruction!

    Ok I'll calm down!

    - nig nig
  13. haha lmao!!! thats a funny story... hope your crops dont get found either...
  14. (this is about that letter thing you wrote in 'the cops are coming thread)

    i tottaly agree with you, america is a conspiracy and they are FUCKING us all over. stupid people don't reulize it . but it is the truth. i think that they just don't want to admit it. like they just passed this law (i don't know what the hell it is called) where like the gov. can like check your email in hotmail, and check your IMs in AOL, and tap nokia qwest phone lines, and if you say anything 'bad' you can get in trouble. so for example, if you are an illegal alien and you admit it on one of those they deport you instantly. and 20 years ago if you said 'bomb' on a phoneline, they instantly tapped into your phone to check it, and they put you on a random list and check your phoneline periodically just to check if you are planning something eeevil. well fuck them, more power to you, because you are one of the few who understands.

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