Holy shit the bugs.

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  1. So this year I said to myself "this is the year I do preventative spraying for bugs and mold" and so I did. Only problem is, this is the first year I have been completely over run by bugs. I have sprayed a lot of varying organic insecticides from the start and now can't seem to get my problem under control. It's never been this bad.
    Do you think I have killed off beneficial predator insects with all my applications and left the bad bugs to thrive? I've sprayed heavily with neem, spinosad, and pyrithrins, as well as repellants like peppermint and camphor.
    So now I'm contemplating going nuclear with some synthetic bullshit so please help me and give me some advice and talk me out of it. But I'm getting desperate.

    IMG_20170621_151310297.jpg IMG_20170621_151039259_TOP.jpg IMG_20170621_151154250_TOP.jpg IMG_20170621_151202009.jpg IMG_20170621_151124243.jpg IMG_20170621_151146768.jpg IMG_20170621_151207715.jpg

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  2. Have you tried BT?
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  3. Try -SNS 209 It's a natural rosemary and rosemary extract.

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  4. I have not tried the BT yet I haven't seen it at the places I normally do my shopping. Ill have to stop in a hydro store I guess even though I try and avoid them.
  5. That's one I haven't heard of yet. I'll put that on my list of things to get, Thank you.
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  6. Also wondering if getting rid of all other vegetation will help. It's something Im not keen on doing because of the helicopters in my area but I will if it helps
  7. Well you aren't alone with the helicopters. Their bad in Appalachian country as well. I honestly wouldn't. To riiisky.

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  8. That's a nice garden you've got going! Is that a guerilla grow in the mountains?

    Not sure what's eating your leaves, but you might want to look into Met52 or PFR-97. Both are biological pesticides that contain fungi that attack various pests. I was seriously considering getting some to deal with a predicted aphid infestation (my last crop had one) but so far it hasn't happened, so I haven't bought it yet because it's not cheap.

    Is the damage from the pests really interfering with the plant's health though? They look healthy despite the leaf damage.
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  9. My grow is kinda semi legal...I try not to get into specifics online, I have a medical card but I walk the line on plant counts and what not. It's not in the mountains just in a small plot of woods in central Michigan. Thanks for the kind words. As far as their health, I mean, they seem healthy, but the leaf damage really bothers me even though it doesn't seem to be affecting growth. I guess I just want some pretty plants. I just don't understand how this is happening when the only bug I've ever dealt with here for the most part is slugs. This is my 7th year here and I've never seen anything like it. I'll look up those products you mentioned in a little while after I eat dinner. The price factor is becoming more important to me because of how much I've had to spray already, exhausting my pest management budget.
  10. Inchworms, caterpillars. Have ssame problem
  11. So you think the BT would be the best option right now? I have seen a couple leaves rolled up and that fluffy stuff inside them. But I've also seen quite a few leaf hoppers or some sort of beetle as well
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  12. Well everybody mentions this bt spray. Get it and try it. I cant buy it in my country. I killd 3 bugs today. Than i sprayed my plants with baking soda, cinnamon oil, olive oil, soap and added neem oil also. Will see what happens.
    I also read that you can soak tomato leaves in watter and spray your plants. Will try it tomorrow.
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  13. Hope this give you a better idea about SNS. It won't let you down!!![​IMG][​IMG]

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  14. Ok I'm going to order that sns209 and pick up a bottle of BT. I'll try those out and continue with my neem applications as well and cross my fingers. I'll give an update here to let those whom contributed know how everything worked. Thanks everyone, for real, the people in the organic section of grass City are the best and kindest on the site.
  15. What pests have you had success against with that stuff? It's pretty cheap so I'm intrigued...
  16. Do caterpillars normally eat leaves? They've been munching on some of my petunia flowers, but they haven't touched my vegging cannabis plants as far as I can tell.
  17. Hahah! If you're so intrigued, try it.

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  18. I meant I'm intrigued because I can actually afford it, as opposed to Met52 and PFR-97, which are $100+. Didn't mean to suggest it's garbage because it's cheap!
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  19. When you spray your neem, be sure its toward the end of the day, uv rays degrade it pretty quick . Also make sure its emulsified. BT will def help with carerpillar/worm type pests, especially in flower. Looking at the pics they really arnt getting devastated bro it looks like minor pest damage.
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