Holy shit that was scary

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  1. So picture this your visiting your parents and they go to bed but you want to blaze so you roll a fat joint go out back and smoke it to the face then 30 minutes later grind and pack a fat bowl and begin smoking outside I have wooden lounge sorta wooden lawn chairs around a fire pit (above ground) and its right next to the woods! so I see my cat and I'm like whats up cat:wave: and then continue smoking (by the way it's 1 in the morning) and no lights are there except my lighter haha and then my cat rubs against my leg but then I go to pet it come to find out its a skunk i let it go away then dipped back inside I can finish bowl in 45 minutes:smoke: but yeah that was scary as shit
  2. That would suck if it sprayed you
  3. A wild skunk? If that happened where I live.. you'd be covered in skunk spray.... You would be vomitting and freakin' out at the same time.. Your eyes would also be burning very severely.. haha

    Consider yourself lucky... :smoke:
  4. "No, mother I wasn't smoking weed, a skunk sprayed me, I swear"

  5. Must of had some stinky ass herb
  6. Skunk was probably too high to give a shit about you petting it.
  7. Hold on I'm saving this story to my hard drive so I can read it to my grandchildren in 50 years. Ps if I were the skunk id spray you.
  8. Bahaha... That's awesome. Lol not too many people get to pet skunks. I once found my dog playing with a wild skunk. Thank god he didn't get sprayed.
  9. Haha, thats a close one OP.
    Pretty sure only a few people have ever been lucky enough to pet a skunk and not get sprayed.

    Had a similar thing happen to me like 3 weeks ago, on my dads birthday we had a fire in the backyard, around midnight we kept hearing movement in the yard, I went up to look and I walked up on a skunk chillin behind my compost bins, this thing looked me right in the eyes and I was about 4 feet from it lol. Needless to say I went back to the fire and burned one :smoke:
  10. The skunk when smelling your weed > [​IMG]
  11. Your herb must have been so good the skunk assumed you had the ability to spray him back...

    Or he thought you had already been sprayed and felt sorry for you...

    He might have just had an itch though:cool:

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