holy shit shakira is so hott

Discussion in 'General' started by FurlongStreet, May 28, 2006.

  1. anybody see her in that music video with wycleff jean? damn she is SO hot... dream woman
  2. yeah she is bannnngin but you know who can top that..angelina jolie
  3. Red dress made her ass look small.

    But yes i was discussing this with my bisexual female friends, we all agree shes currently like the hottest singer.
  4. Ehhh....To each his own.
  5. Linksorpicsorstfu!!!!!!!!!

  6. DAMN! i agree. i had my hand in my pants when i entered :(
  7. I have to agree, Shakira has one serious ass and you know I'd be all up in that.

    jah bless
  8. yall should check my thread i posted about her. "for all my ass-men out there".

    i would engage in intimate sexual intercourse with that wondrous female.
  9. Me to the rescue:





    ^^ I dont really dig the spandex.
  10. Now this is sexy

  11. ^^ dude rasta, you know that type of hotness isnt allowed on here.

    she has such pretty blond hair, now why would she dye her roots black?

    (thats my favorite thing to say to a drunk cunt.)
  12. You guys really think shakira is hot?
    Yeah she has a nice ass ill give her that but otherwise ehhh

    I guess im a little biased, I really only find white women attractive.
  13. Americanized conception of beauty hard at work,

    Here is what your media has spun your ideals to:


  14. I agree rasta, but damn, thats harsh!
  15. rasta man, dont be such a canadian snob.

    this is what your socialized medical programs have created:

  16. On the right is Stephen Harper, The Canadian Prime Minister (president):

  17. isnt shakira like 5 foot 1? damn that is tiny

    i do not think she is THAT hot, but jesus, what she can do with her body is amazing

    btw, rasta, those girls are disgusting

  18. bahhahahhahaa sorry if i sounded harsh buddy.

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