Holy shit...rubber johnny.

Discussion in 'General' started by naughtyneighbor, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Watch the full video (~6 min). Don't close it until you get to the end and try to grasp everything that happens.


    Trust me, it'll freak you out but it's awesome after you read what it's about.

    After you watched this clip, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_Johnny and read the 'Synopsis'.

    I was scared and thought "wtf" at first but it's actually a really cool thing. Funny, if you see through everything.

    As I said, WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST before looking on wikipedia, or you'll ruin it. Trust me, you're not gonna die but it'll be a good laugh, or "wtf" after. It'll all make sense.

    Here's another good link after you read the wikipedia one, but longer http://www.director-file.com/cunningham/rubber.html.

    Enjoy everyone, and I hope to hear your reactions :hello:
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  2. And don't spoil it for the other people by your posts! Until it gets to page 2 :p
  3. old vid but never knew what it was about and always buged me. +k for finaly figuring it out.
  4. wtf indeed. thanks man, im gonna have nightmares.
  5. O I remember that
  6. That was some freaky assed shit!! Totally cool, though, when I realized what was happening. Wickedly entertaining! :D :cool:
  7. Oh, god....I'm freaked out now. Until he started dancing, then it was hilarious...and then scary again.
  8. dude thats sad. i feel bad for him. and that dog was freaked the F out

  9. :confused: Why? :confused:
  10. if he was a real person, he'd be stuck in that room
  11. Oh... okay... :D :rolleyes: :cool:
  12. hehe i knew you guys would enjoy. it's really facinating if you read through the wikipedia and the other link i gave
  13. haha saw that awhile ago.

    I just laughed my ass off when he suddenly is doing rails.

  14. The rails part is when I realized that it was produced and not a documentary thing.... it's also when I started laughing hard about it! :D

  15. Haha yeah, same here.
  16. yea haha the rails gave it away for sure lol. but before that iw as freaking the F out lol
  17. its all like techno.. thats kickass when baked. his chair is pimpin' too..
  18. That movie freaked me the fuck out. Sitting here in my dark ass room being the only one awake makes it scary as fuck.
  19. LOL!! Yeah, I often get scared of physically handicapped hydrocephalics who dance in their wheelchairs while shooting lightbeams out of their hands! Freaks me the fuck out! :D

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