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holy shit! now thats what i call a pipe!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, May 8, 2003.

  1. gram of bud...$15
    bic lighter...$0.99
    exclusive one-of-a-kind sherlock...$1,132
    getting stoned off your ass from the most expensive pipe you will ever buy...priceless(acually, its $1,147.99. but i dont want to ruin your moment;))

    Attached Files:

  2. wait did you buy that
  3. oh my, thats quite the smoking apparatus you have there! it must be heavy, like getting a workout every time you use it
  4. holy shit! thats so tight!
  5. you can buy way crazier hand peices for that for around the same price if not cheaper also one of a kind.....

    just look..... and be pre pared for visual masterpeices......
  6. ^ uhhh... is u disrespeckin tha supu joint man?

    hello? mods? advertising competing products maybe?
  7. Thumbs up to that piece, an if you did buy it, which im not sure if you did, hope you get some dank bud to go with it


  8. Why n e body would spend $1,147.99 4 a pipe jus blows my mind i would just spend it on loadsa bud.

  9. hell yeah man, you can get a good bowl glass piece for under 30...but yeah it would be great to smoke out of that shit

  10. srry if i did... i don't believe that they actually sell the work from that site though....

    if i did delete it or pm me an i'll gladly delete it...
  11. hell no i didnt buy it!! that thing cost $500 less that my damn car! if i won it in a contest or somethin i'd probably faint.;) but yeah man, its a sweet ass pipe.:D
  12. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. personally i think its beautiful. its that fact that its one-of-a-kind that its so expensive. and the craftmanship that went into its making. i agree with you, though, i would never pay that much for a pipe.;)
  13. Craaaaaazy mad cool!
  14. Yah, its nice. But if i ever payed that much for a pipe I'd probably just sit it on a shelf and be afraid to use it. I break shit.

    It's beautiful, just not worth the hassel.
  15. fucking insane mannnn lmfsao but kool lol
  16. ive seen one for 2,200
  17. i like the colors and shit, but those curly q things are just waiting to get snapped off
  18. That pipe is FUGLY. I dunno. I've never liked pipes with bumps and swirls and unnecessary appendages and shit at all..
  19. that thing is fucking sweet!

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