holy shit my friend's bail is 95,000

Discussion in 'General' started by dank slap, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. best bet it to stay in
    save that money for a paid lawyer
    or at least try to get a person recog. bond at another bond hearing

  2. it's just really shitty cause him and his family are already going through so much and now he added more stress and bullshit to his parents plate. :/

    he honestly disappointed the fuck out of me

    btw message back wtf :p
  3. Money on the books for sure!

    10% rule of bail is kinda fucked... but it goes like this:


    Amount needed for bail 10% = $9,500

    When your court shit is over, the county keeps 10% of your 10% you put down.

    So the county keeps $950 and you get $8,550 back.

    If you can talk to your buddy have him get a public pretender and have him ask if bail can be lowered. Usually unless its a crazy crime they'll lower the bail.

  4. ahhh, thank you for this clarification and whatnot.
    good to know his family doesn't have to fork over 95k D:

  5. Just noticed your location :p
  6. He's fucked then. Amazing how one dumb night can fuck your whole life up.
  7. Could possibly get r&r. Depends on his previous charges and if the judge feels he will actually show up for his court date if not then he will sit there until he gets sentenced.
  8. Keep outta trouble blades!
  9. yeah they gonna drop some of them charges
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  10. half baked 2 coming out
  11. Why he would drink underage and drive, who knows.

    Underage consumption
    Possession of Alcohol
    Damage to property
    With underage girl

    He's fucked.
  12. he gonna be ok

    they are going to reduce those charges
  13. Ask 9,500 people for 1 dollar
  14. Damn 6felonies they just hand those out like candy.
  15. until his court date.
  16. Thread would be better with a description of all felonies.. just throwing that out there haha
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  17. MADD had a field day with that third wheeler.

    "Breaking the law requires avid awareness of how you break down, first."
    -not a real quote

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