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Holy Shit!!! Iam Going!!!!!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. HOLY SHIT, IAM GOING!!!!!!!!

    for every one, that has not a clue what iam talking about hear it is....iam going to feild day.. wich is a 2 day festavil with all the best bands out there, that rarely come round hear!!! I CANT WAIT....tix go on sale this FRIDAY!!

    hears a list of the bands\/~

    (edit) any other info needed find hear http://www.fielddayfest.com/

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    I have half those bands on my playlist right now, the b boys and radiohead!!! plus sigur ros beck the roots thievery corporation and a few others that I had at least heard of, I haven't heard of a concert I wanted to go to so badly since beil young was around here
  3. i keep ya posted about when and if i(edit) get them.. but i will call as soon as the tv clock hits 10:00
  4. WOW!!! I'm happy for you, MrSbb!!! I hope you get them!
  5. my friends and i are going to that... its only 45 min away from my house.....
  6. YES!!!!!!!!!! I JUST ORDERD THEM YAY!!!!!!!!!!
  7. no matter who else you see......do not miss "the music".....i've seen them 3 times now and met them as well.......if you like the doors or zep i think you'll love them......Peace out......Sid

    ps i even got the drumsticks from 2 gigs signed.....and the tickets.......i cant wait to see them again at T in the park......they're on at the same time as REM but i'd rather see them......
  8. yay that sounds like a PHAT festival to go to, have a helluva time and WOOT THE BEASTIE BOYS!!!!! how fucking grand is that?! lucky :)
  9. You are so freaking lucky!!!
  10. Kick ass, MrSbb!!!! You're going to have a killer time!!! :)
  11. MrSbb you from the Island?

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