Holy shit i lucked out!

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  1. Ok, so I have a suspended licence... long story... but yeah I thought it would be straight just to take my car up the road to cop bud...

    ok so i call my dealer, and I get this fucking werid message: "This number cannot be connected. Goodbye."

    Ok so I'm like WTF? so I drive up another road to turn around, and as Im going to my house, I see 2 cop cars booking it to the street where I made the phonecall from.

    At this point I'm bugging the fuck out, thinking WTF... OH SHIT. because I've NEVER seen police in my neck of the wood in my 10 years of lving here.

    SO i drive to a friends house and lay low for like 5 minutes, then drive back, only to see the police pulling out of the street, coming in the opposite direction from me.

    At this point im bugging the fuck out, driving at exactly 25 miles an hour as to give them no excuse.

    I get by them, no eye contact made lol...

    After that I pull home, and ditch inside.

    Goddamn I lucked out... IDK wtf happened...

    You think my dealer got busted and they tapped his phone or something? Cuz that is sketchy as hell, 2 cops coming minutes after a phone call to a big drug dealer.

    He hasn't asnwered his phone in like a week and hasn't been online... so idk wtf is happening. Any ideas?
  2. most likely he was busted...id suggest not calling him...
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    Fuck, that dude was on parole too so if he got busted... shit. And that dude was dealing everyday, riding with like ounces of bud, all induvidually bagged in to like 28 bags.

    My b wrong forum.
  4. Do you live near your dealer?

    Because if not, I doubt they were able to trace the call, then I doubt they used GPS so it was proboly triangulated to see where the call came from, then ditcpatched police, that quickly.

    I don't know what happened with your dealer, but I think that you might just be paranoid about the cops, because I doubt they did what I stated above to find you that quickly.
  5. sucks to be him and sucks for anyone depending on him
  6. I live like 5-10 mintues away from him.

    I doubt that the cops traced the shit, but just because you're paranoid doesn't mean their not after you... good quote from my man kurt cobain.

    He was big time though, he would cop like a 1/4 pound and flip that shit in a less than a week. Also was big into rolls, yayo, and oxy.

    Idk I'm hoping everythings alright and im making something outta couincidences but idk.

    His drug dealing partner hasn't been online either... (he was the driver since the dealer kid got a suspended licence too from parole...) since the 25th... same as the actual dealer... not online since the 25th

    idk dude i just dont know

  7. The quarter pound in a week really isn't that much, and I doubt he got busted for that.

    But coke, extrasy, and oxy's, you're proboly right, and if you can't get in touch with either of them then they proboly did get busted. Don't be scared to call them though, most cops will not even bother with buyers, they only want to work up the food chain. If the number isn't in service, it isn't in service, the cops wouldn't set it up like that. If it rings then they could see your number, but unless you call back to back to back, or are the only one calling, which I doubt you are, the cops may learn your number/who owns it (unless you have prepaid) which I suppose could add a little extra heat to your name, but nothing to worry about really. I wouldn't worry at all about trying to get in touch with them, I would avoid text messages as well.

  8. Word... well around here shits a little backwards... like back 2 years ago, my younger bro got caught dealing in highschool, and instead of asking who supplyed it and shit, the police jsut wanted the names of everyone who bought it, who they then searched at school..

    its ass backwards here but w.e. i got pre-paid my *****h, virgin mobile FTW hahah
  9. I'm guessing it was just coincidence.. I would be tweakin out too though

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