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Holy Shit - HUGE Realization About The MFLB Last Night

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metalp, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I packed the trench a little full last night. The instructions warned me against it, but I did it anyways.

    Got high as FUCK off of one trench.

    Lesson - fill the trench completely.
  2. Or do yourself a favor and upgrade to a SSV.
  3. I don't know what trench is but I can guess the bowl of a certain vape?

    Thats the point to get blown off your ass.

  4. more weed = more high

    just sayin :smoke:
  5. Yeah it's basically the bowl. I thought it'd mess it up because there was so much.

    It didn't.
  6. Who woulda thunk it? The more weed you vape, the more high you get. Now, ain't that something?

    I reckon this be true about my bong, too, and here I just put enough for one hit in and get depressed when its over 'cause i just can't figure out how to get higher.
  7. Holy shitnitz. I'm patiently awaiting for my MFLB....... Can't wait to pack the trench!
  8. i just got one today and got to say im not impressed. You cant get ripped like you do off a joint. with like 3 bowls

  9. do it for a month and tell me that. you get good at it. 1 full trench gets me pretty damn high, 2 takes me off
  10. I am also waiting for mine-I'm actually hoping I can get a nice mellow high from it.

    but OP be careful going too much against the instructions- they are usually ther for a reason - you just spent $100 bucks on something you probably don't want to fuck it up just cause you are trying to push the limit or you might as well have flushed the money down the toilet- hope that made scene
  11. whoooooooa maaaannn like,
    gnarly epiphany broooo
    epif uh kneeees are cooool
  12. How much weed do you estimate fills the trench level with the top? I'm guessing about a quarter gram but I'm not very good at estimating the size/volume? Anybody know?
  13. Around .2g. I only fill it like 2/3rds of the way though. You get more tasty hits that way IMO. When you fill it, like half the bud browns and the rest is still kinda green so you get half-tasty hits for the rest of the trench. I just keep a dime bag stuffed to the top of pre-grinded bud and pack more trenches.


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