HOLY SHIT! Giant Camel Spider!

Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, May 17, 2004.

  1. Here's a link about the story.. now heres a picture.


    They say it's actually not as big as it looks in that picture because of the way it's taken, they're actually the size of an adult hand. But still.. DAMN. They can run 10 mph, and jump 3 feet. I would shit myself if I say one, God knows what would happen if one of those mother fuckers bit me.

    God damn!

    Thats a huge fuckin spider.

  3. its actually 2 of them, one eatin the other. count the legs.
  4. I'd crap myself if I saw one of those things.
  5. damnitt the pics not coming up for me...
  6. I dunno this seems like an urban legend to me.
  7. ^^^ use the almight search button. Snopes.com or whatever, the site the exposes urban legends has it on there as undertermined.
  8. OMFG i am SOOO scared of spiders. I cant even look at pics of them or fake ones or on TV. So yah i loaded the picture and went to the other side of the room and had my sister look i was to scared too LMAO. She like flipped tho said it was real creepy lookin. So yah im for sure not lookin! LOL
  9. Yeah I saw that a long time ago (but not on that website)... I forget what parts of the story is fake about them.... I also read they had a numbing stuff in them so they'd be able to eat you in your sleep, and that you can hear them all night long cracking the hard shells of dung beatles open, and being able to run 25mph, and jup 7 feet, and also eat camels from the inside out, etc..... but again, I foget what the truth is (most of that is obviously bs or someone endulged themselfs)........... still, freaky ass spiders
  10. those things do look really freaky......but

    look at the picture closely and you'll notice that they look 4-5 inches long by looking at the hand/sleeve next to them rather then the leg behind them

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