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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jamesbond007, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. #1 jamesbond007, Feb 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2009
  2. OMG thats crack, dont smoke that shit what are you crazy!!!
  3. haha yo seriously this is by far the most potent shit ive ever touched. and my boys agree too.
  4. Does that look moldy to anybody else?
  5. thats the first thing that i thought when i looked at it, in the top left corner around that area.
  6. WTF? I cant decide wether its moldy or wether it needs to be dried out. it looks like it came fresh out the plant
  7. new pics on the way.
  8. Can't be sure but it doesn't look like mold to me really.. Just some supa dank :smoke: enjoy it while it lasts manggg.
  9. New pics posted!
  10. Whats the question?

    Nobody is gonna guess the strain by the pic. Looks insanely dank and I don't see what everybody is talking about with the mold. nice pickup
  11. Thats some weird looking bud dude. Ive never seen trichs that like, thick and short. looks like the put some salt on that shit.
  12. definately no mold... you just gotcha the definition of dank:hello:...enjoy!
  13. what can i say of course im gonna say theres mold i'm jealous that im broke and smokin 2 week old middies.
  14. i feel kinda bad for you if that is THAT amazing, you must be smoking some shitty bud regularly. but thats definitly some good shit. its nice to smoke good stuff isnt it? the high is just completly different.
  15. that was my thought, it looks wet.

  16. what weird weed. looks like sillyy puddy.
  17. looks like some nice green
    sorry bought your bad experience. everyone has to have a bad one atleast once during their smoking ''career'' ;)

    my advice.. like everyone said. get some good sleep and eat a good meal.

    it probably wasn't the tobacoo tho... if youve smoked blunts before, then you'd know.

    that was prob your first time smoking good weed and your not used to it lol.
  18. nothing looks wrong here.. dank as fuck. maybe the high was too strong?
  19. Dude i smoke dank every day how do you think i feel man.


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