Holy Shiiiit DXM Trip Repor

Discussion in 'General' started by herbsman420, May 15, 2006.

  1. Wut up ya'll? Damn for some reason I deciced to post on here about my first major DXM trip which I am in the process. Just to let you know how fucked up I am am, I have been typinh for 10 minutes at this point, but fuck grammer errors! Alright, I started off the day with a fata ass bowl followed by a monthly migraine and 2 hour nap. I ate a big ass lunch. I then popped 8 Triple C's at about 7:00 and then smoked a bowl at 7:30. Then, I took 5 more triple C's followed at 8:00. Next I took 3 more Tripple C's at 8:30 finishing the whole package. Following that, I poured up a cup of lean consisting of 7 UP and a little more than half a bottle of Delsym and sipped on that while smoking a bowl. Finished all weed smoking and sizzurp drinking at &:45 and boy am I fucked up. I have now consumed about 1.000 mgs of DXM and two fat ass bowls. Now I am tripping hard and will post up with the remainder of the trip. I have yhardly any function left and have not reached my peak yet. peace. ok, that took me 30m minutes.

    jah bless.

    p.s. i am breathing so hard :)
  2. Sounds like your really feeling good and high! Last time I tryed DXM I passed out like 2 times. SHITS CRAZY! Have fun :smoking:
  3. you haven't read up much, have you? CCC's are horrible for you. shoulda got some rubitussin DM
  4. I haven't RCG'd in quite a while... I miss it. I always go on binges and just walk around for days and weeks completely fried and everybody just knows what's up. I hate going into the store to buy it though, I need to find someone who can hook up 500mg capsules, lab grade.

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