Holy Sh*T!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stevieponiczz, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. Well i'm sure some of you read my post about getting stood up this morning. Well I just got hanging out with some friends.

    Setting: YMCA parking lot where about 5-15 of my friends drink.

    I usually go off on walks around the neighborhood. I light up my J walking out of the parking lot of course what happens
    white care with NYPD pulls up next to me so i'm pretty much shitting myself. But I try ot act cool. I hold my J like a stoge and hit it right in front of the cops and hold it like a cigarette. The cops rolls down his window looks at me and says

    Cop - "You hanging in out in there??"
    Me - "YEs but i'm on my way home"
    Cop - "Go back tell your friends to go the hell home and dont come back we're getting too many calls..if i get called back here again tonight your all getting booked"
    Me - "No problem..didnt know we were disturbing anyone sorry"


    Cops rolls up his window and they drive off. He didnt even know I was holding a joint! I got luckkkkkky!
  2. I also forgot..tomorrow is the 1 year aniversary of my first arrest. And thats not the worst part my birthday is on the 11th which was 5 days a way.
  3. lucky u...and btw happy b-day
  4. hey happy almost birthday man, i can't believe you got past that cop. woo sounds like he's more concerned about having to do paperwork/etc than he is about having to bust kids. :D

    sometimes cops are cool like that. you lucked out :D

    also i read your stood up thing, and man next week i wouldn't stand by the window @ all, since she ditched ya this weekend. i still think an explanation is due to ya.
    hope you get to hang with your friend!
  5. Happy B-day m8 how old are u ?

  6. On the 11th i'll be turning 17.
  7. Entering the age of 17-18....Not good. You will soon find out how much life sux :)

  8. Hell Yeah! Way to play it smooth, at least your paranoia didn't get the best of you. Stay out of trouble and have a good birthday.
  9. life sucks? since when!
    25 and still not thinkin' that.
    maybe in my 30's??
    or does it happen after kids, because i can always avoid havin' those!
  10. When your 15-16 you don't have to work, you get everything paid for, and you can just fuck about at school :)

  11. I was down in Cocoa Beach, Florida for spring break last week.. well me and my friends decided we needed to get some weed... So We found some one that could get us some, the catch was we needed to drive him out to Merit Island to get it.
    So we did, and we got our weed, and started to drive home when all of a sudden our car breaks down while we are on the island.. We pull into a gas station and a cop comes along and asks if we need any help.. Well his POLICE DOG smelled the weed on us.. So we got caught.. but the COP DIDN'T CARE..

    . He gave all of us a ride back to the hotel we were staying at and he was talking about how he gets high all the time.. and how one time he got high and killed some one by running them over with his car..... Every other word that came out of his mouth was the word FUCK...

    Then on the last day, me and my friends thought we should celebrate, end the week with a bang.... So we got a ton of Alchole, beer, vodka, captain morgans..... We bought it all with a fake ID from New Jersey.... Well any way we got really drunk and went out on the beach to shoot off some fireworks..
    Well after awhile we see a person walking down the beach towards us.. IT WAS A COP.... We started freaking out... He turned on his flashlight and held it up to our eyes,, then he shined it down on all the Vodka and hard liquor we had on the ground... He knew we were drunk, and he knew we were under age... but he said, Look guys I have been getting complaints that you guys are being alittle to loud, people are trying to sleep,,,,, " IM NOT HERE TO GET YOU GUYS INTO TROUBLE"... he said that he realizes that it is spring break and we are just out to have a good time... We thanked him and asked if he wanted a drink.. HE said no, and went on his way..

    So that was 2 different cops , that were cool as hell,, every town should have a police force like the one in Cocoa Beach Florida.....
  12. Wow he sounds like a cool dude, i might start running people down in my car !!! NOT!

  13. Damn cyber i was there for spring break too, wish i woulda known you were there
  14. Man,,, we could of chilled,,, where were you staying ??????
  15. merritt island...right near the exit to the beach
  16. Then I probably went by your crib like a thousand times... I was going back and forth from the Island to the beach by crossing the river all the time. Shit..

    I was staying at " The Resort on Cocoa Beach" do you know where it is.. Its on A1A alittle less then a mile from Ron Jon's....
  17. Yeah i know right where that's at
  18. That sucks you guys next door to each other and didnt know who each other was
  19. sounds like cool as hell cops! i wish i could run into one of those one of these days...
    glad you had a great time! too bad you 2 didn't meet up :)

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