Holy Sh*t!

Discussion in 'General' started by thccrystals, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. Wow! There was just a crazy car accident at my next door neighbors house. A car came down a hill/turn and then attempted to turn onto my street. They were going too fast and they ended up going through a stop sign(literally), down a mini grass hill, and into my neighbors car which was in her driveway! I hear the whole thing while I was sitting in front of my comp checking out the City. I heard the Screeeeeeeeech.....BAMM. This was totally crazy! check out some pics.

    p.s. no one was hurt during this accident.

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  2. The 16 year old driving didn't even have her permit!

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  3. shit happens.

    what's that you circled?
    it would have been better if you had have seen it all happening instead of hearing it.
  4. Its the Stop sign.
  5. oh rite,okay.
  6. thats nuts the idiot shouldn't have been drivin
  7. seesh, damn some people cant drive, dthat kinda makes me want to hit them :mad:
  8. its chicks like that that give teenage drivers a bad rep
  9. she didnt even have her permit, so now shes gotta wait until 18 to get her licence :p
  10. who's gottheherb and hippie john: yea you're both right.

    What sucks more is that male's under the age of 25 have the highest insurance rates. not females.
  11. yeah, its fuckin bullshit. i think it should be the same:(
  12. maybe the guys are all gentlemen and they take the blame for the accident, so guys' insurance goes up.

    then the girls dump the guys because thats how girls are.
  13. holy shiat!
  14. wow nice neighbourhood..
  15. booo that girl is weak!

    ive been driving since i was 14. my mom never had a problem with me taking out her car. (she taught me how to drive at 12 because of some medical problems, she wanted me to be able to take over if the need arose.)

    I hate stupid punk kids that cant drive. it took me about a day to master it. its like a video game. need to go left, go left, go fast, then press gas. its simple.

    I always thought it would be cool if there was a playstation controller in your car, and you could steer with a joystick and accelerate/brake with a button pressed by your thumb. it would be MUCH easier and take far less thinking and reaction time.

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