holy schnikees

Discussion in 'General' started by brian hobo, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. well my dad just came over and told us he's getting married. its big news and stuff...ive always been real emotional over my parents divorce. his girlfriend is kinda cool, i havent spent much time with them together. they bought a big house in rhode island, right on the beach, which is nice. its only an hour drive from where we live in connecticut, too. im looking forward to spending more time with my dad...we can go to the beach and stuff.

    he's giving me and my brother the biggest room in the house and we're also getting the old stereo system from our lake house. seems like itll be chill...maybe we'll have a bathroom and be able to toke up. i can just imagine chilling on the beach with some hot chicks relaxing...or laying in my bed listening to some trippy music.

    our old house was on the shore in connecticut, we're kind of a beach family. i longboard (skateboard) which is always fun around the beach. and they get decent waves, so maybe ill try surfing. i just have a whole lot of feelings coming on and wanted to let them out. any of you have step parents? do you like them?
  2. used to have a stepmother, i hated her...

    seems most stepchildren resent the step mother, but never have a problem with the step dad. maybe because most guys no how to back off, instead of trying to act like your new mom/dad...
  3. my dad has a girlfreind. BAH! shes evil, my mom kicked her ass tho that was funny. Shes an anarexic alcoholic bitch who drives a shitty sports car, i think i just proved adams point

    but my moms bf was cool, he was a bus driver so we got free tickets to theme parks :p
  4. That seems awseome, if I was to move somewhere right now, it would be Jamaica. Either Cooper's Hill or right by the beach...around Ochos Rios where none of the annoying college spring breakers go.

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