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  1. ok ok ok I AM FLIPPING OUT!!!  I went to home depot to get some lights for my babies and i decided to buy some flower plant grow for a lil nute for them.  I mixed up a bottle about 1 part nute to 8 part water and gave them a good spray.  This was last night.  NOW THEY LOOK LIKE THIS!!!!
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  2. Dude, didn't someone tell you not to mess with them for a while?

  3. Why would you be feeding them this early? And not only that you should never foliar feed with chemical nutrients...And are you sure it's 1 part nutrient solution to 8 parts water? That sounds like an awful lot. I use 1 Tbs/1 Gal of water.
  4. lol first problem is you went to home depot.. second problem " I went to home depot to get some lights for my babies and i decided to buy some flower plant grow for a lil nute for them".. what a waste of money i must say... hope them seeds were free cuz u done fucked them up baaaaaad... no offence.. but the search button could have saved you alot of time and money... hell even google would have been suffice... get some more seeds and start again.. with a little more knowledge than foliar feeding 5 point leaves... :( i know i have been harsh)..
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    Yea I had posted some pics of them in a forum and someone that seemed reputable said "Hey man they look pretty good, looks like you should start giving them some nutes tho."  so I stupidly listened....
    I flushed em and they seem to be fighting back.  They are reaching for the light and some of the good green color is sliding its way back in.  Fingers crossed.
  6. well if u want them to be green mix some green food color in wit your water when they need a drink!!!
  7. God I seriously hope that was a joke..
    Please refrain from posting false information.  
    Do not water with food coloring!!
  9. Ha yea no food coloring going into these babies, but they are doing better now. They are fighters!!! Live and learn ya know
  10. i was just seein if u'd take the bait... so ur not too stupid after all :p well dude its early in the season they should have plenty time to recoop.. keep them alive man!!!
  11. Ignore the negativity.  We have all seen much worse.  TBH better to learn this lesson now and set yourself back a week, than burn them close to harvest. 
    I say a week, because they will be fine as long as you don't do it again.  I don't foliar feed anymore, but when I did always used a much more diluted solution than when feeding the roots.
    Was it someone of Grasscity that told you to feed them?  Just curious.
    Good luck.
  12. It might have been on a post I made before but I honestly don't remember.  But on a lighter note, things are  getting better.  One of the plants is kind of a Frankenstein but I think im gonna give it two more weeks before I decide if I should get rid of it or now.  I have some new pictures I took today, below.  Also I am noticing slight discoloring in the two middle seedlings.  Though they are a week younger, they are stronger and flourishing better than the others did.  But if you look at the leaves, some parts are getting light and theres a brown spot on one.  The Frankenstein is the bottom left.  

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