Holy... Neo + 9/11

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    Found this over at 4chan


    nooooooooooooo I shouldnt have used 4chan as the image source how dumb lol updated

    and may I point out his birthdate
    9.13... 9 and 13 are Freemason numbers lmfao
  2. No pixels?

    No nuthin
  3. I see nothing.:confused:
  4. Hurry

    Before the fail pics start coming
  5. Fail Whale
  6. "The horror....the horror...."

  7. The OP wanted to post this:

  8. So you're saying... the Wachowski Brothers were in on this?!

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    Well, according to that picture, it was issued on the 12th of September 2001 and expires on the 11th of September 2001 and his date of birth is the 13th of September 2001.

    That's some straight up matrix shit.

    EDIT: Well, I figured that shit out on my own, but it's not that hard. I went on a search after I actually looked at the passport closely to see those dates and found out that it's already been pointed out on IMDB.com!


  10. this reaffirms the fact that Jews did 9/11

  11. ha ha ha

    that's mean :p
  12. negligent, is that you? :confused:
  13. I always knew neo was the one,

    the one to fuck over America and raise airplane prices :mad:

    I love the matrix.
  14. lmfao my bad my bad i used fuxxed up 4chan as the img source so of course its gonna muck up..
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    A passport is valid for 10 years making his issue date 9/11/91, which was the day that Bush, Sr made the New World Order speech. All of the coincidence truly points to something intentional being inserted in the movie. The Simpson's also seems to insert some pre 9/11 knowledge and there are others in Hollywood that has a same scenario about planes hitting 2 towers i think the other was Tom Clancy. Another thing to note about Tom Claney is the intro for his 1st Tom Claney Ghost Recon which foreshadows the Georgian/Russian conflict right down the year and month. The game was made in 2000/2001.

    Game Intro Video




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