holy moly. 11PM?!?!?

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  1. wow. dude...alcohol sucks.

    I just wanna smoke weeeeeeeeeeeed and know what time is it, without thinkinh OMG am or PM?!?!?!?!?!

    everytime I get retardedly drunk I sometimes get so wacked im wondering what eviltrekpaasttimeevildoer of time takes it away from me, and relize eventaully i *IS 11 at night. workng graveyeaddont help! i got black screens on my windaws cause graveyead and this andliteering and littering and littering and
  2. Drunk no fun. To many oh shits go with drunkedness!

    Weed on the other hand is sooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!! If you were close to me I'd share my wealth (weed that is) with ya!!!!!!!
  3. I just realized I made no sense in that first post. that was pre-sausage egg cheese muffin sandwhich, and this is now..post....lol post
  4. Sausage egg cheese muffin.....I gotta get me one of those!
  5. yea htey rock. nad I still forget what I was gonna say....i guess thats who much thry eock.
  6. HIGH All, yes alcohol sucks stick to pot. Last night coming home from fishing I went O.F.F.F. the road and wrecked my van and canoe. No one was hurt thank christ. Yes I was drinking pussy All day and fucked up...now I have to wait till it gets light and get her towed home. I'm just sitting here shaking my head.
  7. I almost forgot I posted this last night..I posted other things to and had trouble actually posting them, I remember writing a rant but I dont see it, I remember going crazy clicking all the windows shut cause I had like a hundred of them open, and wanted "organization" on my desktop and when I was done, I was like oh shit I was doing things in those windows! doh! oh well..last night was a TEASE. cause I cant smoke right now, I was hanging out with people that were smoking and UGH it wasnt even the fact that the smoke smelled sooooooo sweeeeeeeet, but everyone was already fucked up from drinking and then right before we left to go to our company xmas party, they smoke and get so stupidly retarded, when we got there 1 of them were in the corner on the floor holding his head (we had to wait to get into the hall for our table) and the other one claimed to have lost $400. I was just pissed cause these idiots who only smoke JUST TO GET FUCKED UP, got all fucked up and fucked up my night. and I was piss drunk, wishing I was simply enjoying a nice high! im frustrated. so I left them. fuck it!
  8. unoit, i love your sig.
  9. this is true! baaaaaaaad news! glad to hear everyone is OK uniot...I thought I would be when I took a ride (by myself thank god) and ended up knocking the power out on my campus when I hit a telephone pole! not good! and what was worse, people actually thanked me cause when the power went out, people didnt know what time it was making them late for their morning classes, and the teachers called off class. what a bunch of tools.
  10. alcohol's not so bad team, you just have to remember, moderation, moderation, moderation...When I get the chance I enjoy smoking a couple bowls to build a nice fluffy foundation, then I structure it with one or two shots of vodka or rum...just for that nice subtle buzz that gives me the ability to feel my face from the inside...but after that I put my alcohol away so as to not be tempted to do more as my judgement decreases...then the rest of my nights consist of sitting out on my back porch around my firepit just contemplating...its quite a delicious way to spend the evenings if I do say so myself

    but thats not to say we can't have our drunken binges on occasion..but usually by the next day we start to remember why those aren't such a good idea in the first place

    If anybody ever gets a chance to try some GHB I highly recommend it. A co-worker of mine hooked me up with a half gallon of a liquid batch and it's very good indeed, it's a great socializing drug, kinda like alcohol, but it doesn't reduce your judgement as greatly..plus it metabolizes into water and CO2 within ten hours or so, so it doesn't leave behind any mean chemicals..good stuff..I'd take it over alcohol any day

  11. as far as moderation, that went out the window for me once I found how alcoholism runs deep in the fam, both sides. it sucks, i like to drink, but moderation is tough I think I can, but once I get started, i dont stop until Im passed out. recently though Ive been very turned off by drinking, so maybe its a thing Im going through...I dunno..I havent been drinking that much anymore, so thats good for me.

    anyway about the GHB. a half gallon?!?! thats a lot...as far as how I took only a capful (arizona sports bottle size) and was so lifted, it was ridiculous. very fun for me, but unfortunate for a friend of a friend, who doesnt drink, or party too much who decided to do it. she ended up blacking out so much so we had to call 911. It was very much interesting and fun for the rest of us who did it, but I dont know what happened with her. I think she didnt think it was going to be that bad and took more than we told her too. it was a very powerful amount for drinking so little..and Im sure the fact that her body in general isnt used to anything polluting like that, was introduced in such a large amount..
  12. sorry for being stupid...but what is GHB??....Peace out....Sid
  13. Same here with the alcoholism...its genetic throughout both sides of my family too, but I've never had a problem with it yet, i think it may have to do with the fact that I smoke massive amounts of pot and it makes it easier to not drink if I have another, lighter drug to fall back on....sorta like the nicorette step down program i guess...

    as for the GHB, yeah every batch you buy is mixed a little bit different depending on who its from...and since theres no standard, its good to know the ratio of ghb salt to water...I usually take about 30ml (2 tablespoons) of it and it's enough for a nice drunken buzz....GHB is really not that bad compared to what people say, it's been reportedly used as a date rape drug in the past, but this really hasn't happened more than once or twice, especially since GHB is so damn salty it'd be really hard to mask the taste, plus to get enough ghb into someones drink would be quite a feat...I hear the one drink that masks it's taste well are long island iced teas....basically if someone takes too much, they either get really sleepy as if having drank too much alcohol or they flat out pass out...but it's strange in the sense that it's not really a "coma" like they say it is, it's literally just a deep sleep where the person can't be woken up for a few hours, unfortunately ghb isn't widely known about by the public, so when people can't wake their friends up after taking it they think the worst, and when the emergency service people start to put the person on respirators and all of the other devices used for comatose patients when the person doesn't even need any of them, it starts to get problamatic...the real big problem is that its such a strong acting substance in small amounts, its overdose range is only twice or three timnes that of the recomended dose, so if you don't know exactly how much you're taking it can start get bad...plus it exponetially increases side effects when taken with depressants like alcohol. So basically in the right dose range ghb is a great substance, and the only reason why it's illegal is A- its a naturally occurring substance in the brain and therefor can't be patented by medical corporations and B- theres always people out there that don't follow rules and get into stupid situations...

    ...and I like gumby...
  14. its kinda like a very strong alcohol substitute one cap is like 8 beers or more. well its mostly used as a date rape drug at clubs cuz u cant taste it and u get hammered off it.
  15. Where do you get it....does it grow or is it man made chemical...how much does it cost..??....Peace out...Sid

  16. GHB, Gamma-hydroxybutyrate I believe is it's name. Its a substance that was just recently scheduled (in 2000 I believe here in the states), and has been described as "liquid ecstacy" and such. Basically it takes about fifteen minutes to a half hour to come on and its plateau effects last about one to two hours...it's effects are a very strong sense of euphoria, if you're stressed out about something a small dose of it literally works better than any combination of xanax and valiums ever will, it gives a sensation of light drunkenness with a slight "coordination off balance" feel, but unlike alcohol where you lose all inhibition and tend to do things you regret in social settings, GHB takes away all of your worries, but at the same time you don't lose that little voice in your head that tells you that running around naked would be a bad idea...I know for a lot of people it gives them the urge to just sit and socialize...even people who are normally quiet and shy tend to laugh loud and talk openly...its a muscle relaxant too, so nothing feels better than sitting on a couch and then getting stuck to it for a few hours. Before it was scheduled in the US, a lot of people also took it as a sleeping aid, since unlike the other over the counter shit people tend to use, GHB actually works, and about 5 to 10 hours after taking it, it tends to actually give you a huge rush of energy, kinda like getting that second wind after a big cup of coffee. So it wont put you to sleep only to wake up groggy in the morning, and on those nights when you aren't going to get a full nights sleep, ghb is perfect, I can take a small dose at midnight, and be up and alert at 6am as if I had slept for twelve hours..its a great substance as long as it's not abused.

    You should check out the GHB vault on erowid.com it gives a basic rundown over the effects and stuff.
  17. I know I wouldnt be drinking so much If I were able to smoke. its killing me. especially in times like now, how I get this feeling that I overdid it with the alcohol.
    yeah when we had to call the ambulence, they were enfatic on telling the truth as to what she took specificlly ghb so they knew exactly what they had to do for her. my friend, who had given it to her was scared that he would be in trouble, but hell you gotta let them know what it was so they dont go doing the wrong things to her, when she was really just really out of it.
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  18. well i know its a chemical and its a clear liquid and its pretty cheap but im not exactly sure on its exact pricing and i guess i would just ask around to people you trust cuz most bud dealers dont carry it... seniors and some juniors at my highschool know where to get it so i'd ask them if your comfortable with some of em.. but be safe with it cuz people do OD on it....

  19. Im not quite up to date exactly how its produced, but i believe it's naturally ocurring in the body in small amounts, but its made synthetically from a few different analogs of ghb and comes in a powdered salt form (NaGHB), you can find it in a salt or powder form usually because it's easier to handle, but I prfer to get it in liquid form, which is usually just a mixture of the salt into water...but since you can't tell as easily how much you're taking with the liquid form its harder to deal with. I think pricewise it depends on the availability and quality, the truth is most of the "ghb" on the streets isn't very good quality and its usually a crude synthesis with icky byeproducts, but if you find a reputable source then I highly recommend it. Around here it goes for about $3-10 per dose (about 1gram of salt or 25-30ml of liquid) and if its bought in large quantities it becomes even cheaper.

    Another thing I forgot to mention about GHB is that it stimulates the production of HGH (human growth hormone) in the body, and so studies have shown that ghb use at a moderate to high level can stimulate weight loss, and general longevity of life....for a while back in the 1990s the big controversy was that weight lifters were using GHB as a "natural" steroid, because the HGH ables their muscles to heal faster and therefor they can lift for longer periods of time without having to spend so much time recouperrating....If you search online for GHB or HGH products you can find online sources that sell precursors and analogs of GHB...theyre kind of like legal GHB only much more expensive and less efficient...I think some of the brands are "Somasleep" or "blue nitro" and weird shit like that
  20. Would this ghb be the same kind of drug they were talking ablut over here called ryphenol??....Peace out...Sid

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