Holy jezuz

Discussion in 'General' started by Royksopp, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I just realized what the little microscope does when you highlight something. I had never clicked it before and wow! Am I the only one that just found this out? :eek: :hide:
  2. Heh, probably not...Not seen it too many places myself.
  3. We found out when SJ made a thread about it ;)
  4. Highlight something, like a sentence or word and then a little microscope will show up. Click on the microscope and see what happens :cool:

    Mush - Never saw the thread you're talking about. I did hear about the search function being improved but not about the little microscope thing.
  5. Thanks to this thread; I have learned something new.
  6. yeah its like a built in "let me google that for you." also i think its a magnifying glass, unless you're using "GC Prime" or some cool upgrade that i dont have :D
  7. Damn thats awesome!
  8. wow i just spent all day studying (while taking frequent GC breaks :smoke:) and this is the coolest thing I've learned all day!
  9. That's a magnifying glass :laughing:

    This is a microscope

  10. So I did that, thinking it was a google search of the word, so i laughed at the first thing is about marijuana. Than I realized it was a GC search.
  11. cool. first time seeing that magnifying glass.
  12. Lol was thinking the same thing.
  13. haha that's pretty cool. I seen it, I just didn't know what the fuck it was:smoke:
  14. i figured it out the first time i highlighted something after the update:laughing:

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