Holy Hashsmoke Batman!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Hazeydoodle, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Why hello there!

    I've lurked here infrequently over the years, but I figured it was time to sign up.. After all, my friend TheElcinator mentions something interesting from this forum at least once a day. So I gotta get in on this wealth of smokable knowledge, of course.

    As for about me, well, I'm just your average 20 year old space-occupier. I currently reside in the Boise area of Idaho. I love ponies (it's not weird because I'm a girl, right? ..right?) and I love miss mary jane, but don't ever ask me to choose between the two~!

    When I'm not smoking, I'm usually drawing, writing, or playing guitar. I've been toking almost three years now, which seems rather meager compared to most stoners my age... hahah. But it's all good :)

    ...also, it's cold as hell here. How 'bout that 37 degrees F. ): Is it me, or does getting baked in the cold make you feel even colder?
  2. hows the potatoes?:bongin: lol

    welcome to gc, have fun learnin bout the sweet ol mary
  3. Bronies 4evr mang. <3
  4. Been toking the same amount of time myself :yay:

    And please answer the other guys question about the potatos. It's dire info :p
  5. Boise, Idaho huh? I like seeing people from small towns! Welcome and enjoy your stay here at the city :smoke: .
  6. Thanks everyone! c: Also, the potatoes are amazing. As an Idaho toker I can say that I have smoked out of one of our fine potatoes more than once. You might say I was using a ... hash-pipe. *sunglasses on*

    Hahahah :D

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