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holy glockafuckinmoly!

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. i'm so fuckin high that i'm trippin, prolly due to the acid i ate at like 7 oclock this morning, but its more intense than it was at my peak earlier, aha, awesomeness. ok i'm gonna shutup now cuz i'm sure none of you care haha, gooday. errr night, whichever
  2. You make me want to finish my 4 grams of cubies. :)2 grams was crazy, 4 grams would be....well i don't know.
  3. cubies? I want some...
  4. cubies? me wants to know what they are :p
  5. im fairly sure cubies are shrooms and thats an abbrev. off the real name
  6. psilocybe cubensis... popular strain of psychadelic shrooms.
  7. man, i got FUCKED up off of just 1.5 grams of cubensis, they were hella potent.... i wish i coule score some acid around my area, because i know of alot of people who would buy some
  8. 4 grams of cubensis did me pretty good. But next time I get mushies (probably in a week) I'm gonna do a quarter at once.... :)

  9. Exactly. I was just too lazy to type the whole word out. :)

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