Holy fuckdamnnit

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  1. I just found and killed a female black widow about the size of a half dollar it was in the living room behind a plant. And it's VERY odd for it to be in the place that it was, they LOVE dark and dank places like garages/sheds. And it was in a pretty open area with lots of light.

    What scares me is it's been there forever

  2. This shouldn't be a problem for a wizard.

    All these spider threads is starting to make me paranoid :(:(:mad:
  4. Wear leather gloves when you look for more. Safety first then teamwork.

    ~One Love~
  5. That is probably the best common sense idea I would have never thought of.
  6. What good are gloves when THEY CRAWL IN UR MOUTH WHILE U SLEEP
    :laughing: just fuckin with you op
    no but you probably eat a lot of those
  7. you probably have food in the house...crickets, flies, smaller spiders...etc etc
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    o_o This is why I'm glad I live in Alaska, lul.

    Spideys be scary as fuuuuck D:





    Educate yourselves ;D I'm so sick of hearing this myth, lul.

  9. Ha! Classic
  10. Spiders breed real quick bruv, imagine how many bubba spiders are gonna hatch and invade your gaff
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  12. Burn that mothafucka down.

    Id move immediately.
  13. Came from a holiday ornamental candles that glew when plugged in, if there are eggs in there, they are the fuck outside :smoking:
  14. have no idea what post is about.
    I just love the phrase, "holy fuckdamit." classic and simple

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  15. Blow it out your ass. I woke up with a spider in my mouth and threw up after I spit it out. True story.

    ~One Love~

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