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Holy Fuck !

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mooglekexin, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. :) i am the best (or actually most, and shit)

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  2. Yea, but how many of those posts were as pointless as this one?:/
  3. hehe, jk.

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  5. As of 12:10 AM PST, on 02/22/2004, I'm number 9 on that last 24 hour list. Woo. And this post should have me sitting pretty in 7th. :D God I'm lame, hah.
  6. i prefere the first one, i get a better vibe off it :p
  7. the chart thing, i just prefere the first one. the one you posted dosnt really appeal to me
  8. yall have too much time on your hands
  9. Well every now and then we all go on a posting rampage i think. More so when lean.
  10. yeah, i go on streaks.... some days i wont even post, i post more often when i have no weed or havent smoked in a while, it keeps me in a good mindset lol
  11. man ive had my account for 4 days and i had like 60 on the first night cause i was pissed i lost my 420 posts on Hobbes who amazeingly made the first list :D

    lol anyways yeah i wish i new where that little chart was :D
  12. WEll i just rock

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