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Holy fuck ;o

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by guitarkidv1, May 16, 2011.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - 9 Bong Tokes in a Row Without Taking a Breath and My New Pipe :)[/ame]
  2. he only proves his legendaryness more every day...
    dude is a fucking LEGEND on line
  3. that is what we call a stoner
  4. Still lives in his moms basement.
  5. Massacheifa was a fucking legend. Too bad he got busted, and now he only puts up game videos. :(
  6. The guy smokes out of cheap glass.. he earns no respect from me.

    Maybe instead of investing his mom's money into cheap glass he should move out of her basement.

    I mean hell, the cheapest glass I own is off GrassCity and thats Molino spoons and a WeedStar double perc/diffused/ice notch..and all of those stomp on his pieces.

    But hey, to each their own.. I just don't under stand why you guys are praising him... Try to take 9 bong rips of any of the medical herb I have without taking a breath... won't happen haha. ;):cool:
  7. ... Woah...
  8. ^ you just look so ignorant by saying all of that
  9. I spend $2 every 4 months on a pack of papers.

  10. Why thank you, I've smoked for 11 years, I've earned the right to be ignorant when it comes to cheap glass and dirt weed. :wave:

    This man right here, is smart. You can't break papers and they're the easiest to transport.

    his whole family got busted with like 600 bongs dude

    [ame=]YouTube - YouTube Video Shows Family Smoking Pot[/ame]

  12. LOL..

    I retract my last statement about this guy... I give him mad respect, there's such a huge collection of glass in that video haha!
  13. I had no idea you could earn the right to be disrespectful.

  14. yea dude, ignorance wasnt necessary in the first place..
    regardless of what kind of glass
    what kind of weed it is
    hes a fucking legend among the online stoner community
    so show some respect BEFORE you start knockin people off.
  15. "anonymous call tipped off police" wow... if i was caught by someone ratting me out. id end up going to jail for more than just smoking weed.
  16. Seriously? Child abuse just because he smoked some weed with his kids? The fuck man..
  17. I guess you're not smart since you invest so much in expensive glass, which is hard to transport.
  18. Really? Cause I've never heard of him, willing to bet a large majority of this website never have as well. Bob Marley is a legend, Peter Tosh is a legend (with respect to Marijuana) This guy? No.

    Just no.
  19. Nice rips.

  20. I've heard of him. Maybe we should start a poll in another thread.

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