Holy fuck. (Fallout 3)

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  1. I just beat it, and wow. All I can say is, by far the best game I've played to date. Like, it's so fucking long and so many alternate ways to do things. It really is a well made game.

    The ending story even makes you feel like it was you that's how long it takes to beat the game.

    Anybody else like this game? Seen some mentions of it in threads, figured I'd make one for it!

  2. Yeah I liked it... when I beat it 3 years ago :p.

    Nah but seriously I loved that game, Bethesda makes the best open world games. Plus you can be evil and it actually effects things:smoke:.
  3. Hahahah I got it like 2 years ago as a gift, never even put it in my ps3, then just decided to try it one day and loved it.
  4. I got that game a few years back, I was younger and the game seemed a bit too complicated for me when I first started hahah. I remember playing and I stopped once I got to those fire spiders right when you get out of that vault or whatever your in as soon as you start the game.

    I seen it being beaten though I have to say it is a good game but not really for me.
  5. got it 4 my mac awhile back, def. a great game. Bethesda makes straight up dope games. honestly i like it on the xbox rather than on mac tho. if u like it u should try Skyrim, its also made by bethesda.
  6. Awesome fucking game. I actually liked it more than Oblivion. I haven't played Skyrim but so far it's my favorite Bethesda game. You gotta check out Fallout:NV OP. It's not quite as good as 3 but it's still a great game and it's only $20 new.

    My only issue with FO3 was the goddamn level cap and it being so low
  7. Great game, but I preferred the Elder Scrolls games. And if you liked FO3, check put New Vegas. It's not a whole lot different, but I enjoyed it.
  8. It is a damn good game, you should try out New Vegas. It was better, IMO. You'd probably like it if you liked Fallout 3.
  9. I actually preferred the story of New Vegas to that of Fallout 3.

    When Bethesda do an RPG, they do them very well. (At least until it actually comes to the functionality of the game, there has been no other game that has crashed my PS3 any more than NV:()
  10. Yeah they're usually glitchy as fuck compared to other games.. But for how big they are I guess it's understandable. Still though, for a long time a chunk of the NV map wasn't explorable because of some weird glitch, and the disc wasn't scratched. Eventually it just stopped happening and I could go to that area. Not sure what caused it
  11. Skyrim is teh shit :smoking:
  12. if you enjoyed it get skyrim. Fallout was a mere stepping stone on the path to skyrim
  13. Since it looks like Bethesda stepped shit up again when they made Skyrim.. Hopefully the new Fallout has a similar step up. Then again who knows when that will be? I know they own the rights to make one more and I'm sure it's under development.. but so far nothing has been released about it as far as I know.

    And there's an upcoming Fallout MMO. BETA Registration Fallout Online
  14. It's probably my favorite bethesda game tbh and in my top 3 favorite games ever. skyrim may or may not beat it out depending on the rest of the main story and subsequent DLC (fallout 3 is the king of DLC) tho. we shall see.

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