Holy Fuck Dea: Soccer Mom Ran Massive Pot Grow Operation

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    This story you're about to read is straight out of the Showtime hit "Weeds"! In fact, even the article can't help but point out the comparison! That's all I got to say for cuz you all should be reading the article by now!

  2. Dammit, Nancy... 
  3. I loved Weeds and I feel sorry for this lady.
  4. Damn that's crazy. I feel sorry for the kids. But damn she was making some serious money, she had a Maserati. :eek:
  5. I feel bad for everybody involved, that sucks getting busted with 3000 plants. I feel bad for the plants too, that is a lot of wasted reefer :cry:
  6. 10 year minimum for drug trafficking. I wonder how much time they want to give her? I wonder if I ran a huge operation like that and was able to stash millions somewhere safe if I could do 10 years?
    Is it worth it? 
    Maybe I should just move to Colorado?
  7. How stupid is it that people think they can lock other people in a cage over a plant?
    Come on out man, I'm going in 31 days  :yay:
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    My friend and former coworker and former dealer lol moved there a couple weeks ago, he bought a small spot of farmland to grow weed, he never went to college, he never has made more than $9.00 an hour and due to hard work, persistence, and some capitalist investors he is accomplishing his life dream. Funny thing is he is a communist but oh well. I guess he slapped his investors after taking their money.
    I don't have much saved and I am taking a huge chance quitting a really good job to go but I HATE Illinois with a passion and if I'm not happy then what is money? I Plan to get situated in CO and start small and try to work my way up to growing big and legal. Well, not huge but enough to make a modest living doing what I love instead of getting by here in Shitcago.
  11. She shouldn't have started buying flashy things lol. 
    You have to stay low key to not get caught. HAS ANYONE LEARNED ANYTHING FROM GUS IN BREAKING BAD? lol. 
    At least make a legitimate front so you can "prove" your money has a legitimate, taxed source hah.
  12. I'm think she was busted due to someone working for her got arrested and squealed.
  13. What weed dealers buys a Maserati? Com'on
    Yeah I think the $9000-per-month electric bill might have clued someone in....
  15. You would imagine but I think the cops discovered this after the fact. I'm sure the power company was more than happy to take that $$ every month.
  16. I respect it. Growing over 1000 plants takes balls.
    If you're ever caught growing or engaging in other nefarious activities and you make any mention of it online or not.. don't use something similar to your real name. Good thing I'm a good boy... ^_^
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    Worth reading for the reminder about online security as well. Keep your online presence sanitized if you are breaking the law.
    ^ beat me to it.
  19. Hopefully Tony isn't your first or middle name :laughing:

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