holy f***!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. haha jesus christ man, i was just doin some random drug surfin on erowid readin articles and stuff and i came across this....

    Student cuts off penis and tongue after drinking hallucinogenic tea

    A student cut off his own penis and his tongue after drinking an infusion of the latest drugs craze to sweep Germany.

    The 18-year-old, only named as Andreas W, from Halle in Germany drank a tea made with the hallucinogenic angels' trumpet plants.

    His mother said: "Andreas was behaving normally the whole day until he left the house and disappeared into the garden for a couple of minutes."

    When he returned to the house he was wearing a towel wrapped around him and was bleeding heavily from his mouth and between his legs.

    The emergency doctor who arrived a few minutes later said the student had cut off his penis and his tongue with garden shears and it was impossible to reattach the organs.

    Dr Andreas Marneros, from the local psychiatric hospital the student was admitted to, said: "Andreas will have to receive psychological help for years. Tea from Angels' Trumpets is extremely dangerous as the drug cannot be dosed."

    Angels' Trumpets, known for their fragrant and trumpet shaped flowers, have increasingly become popular as an alternative drug in Germany.
  2. sounds fun.
  3. That drug goes on my no-no list.
  4. I heard of this ages ago.

    It was Datura wasn't it? It's still something i want to try sometime.
  5. mind over matter.

  6. yea exactly, haha cuz theres been people that go crazy on 1 hit of acid, and thent heirs people (like myself) who can eat 9 and go to school...

    yea it was datura by the way, i wanna try it sometime to, jus not in a large dose, i jus kinda want to get the lucid dreaming effect goin, except i dont wanna sleep walk out of my house and onto the highway cuz sleepwalking is sumthin that'll happen sometimes haha
  7. ^word...i know a kid who can smoke like 3 blunts lace with pcp and he's fine...thats crazy if i could do that i would....lmao
  8. I luv Lucid dreams

    There are some drugs i can lots of and some i cant...
    Heroin i can snort alot of i found that out one day when i was tricked into it. But i was really discordinated like i smashed my head into the car door tryin to get in lol hard too it hurt.
  9. What if I take drugs but am talking BS? Is that alright?
  10. That is some frikkin messed up shite. And I though regular hangovers were bad.

  11. You both completely underestimate the power of Datura. That drug OWNS YOU when your on it. Whether you want to admit it now or not.
  12. yea i know the power of datura, i've heard mad scary shit about it, including somebody i know punchin his sister in the face cuz he thought she was breaking into his house, real fucked up shit, haha its prolly the only drug (although its not really a drug) that i'd be nervous about doing jus cuz of the temporary psychosis.
  13. Datura is extremely powerful and dangerous.

    Exactly what angels trumpets are.
  14. Crrrrrazy son of a bitch!

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