Holy F*ckin Shiat

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr_Criminal, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. lol what's up everyone. i had a straight up eye opener tonight :D my first truly psychedlic experience ever. and what can i say.. wow just wow. that kicked my ass so hard.... i'm just glad i went into it with a "respect" for the chemical. never knew my brain was capable of shit like that. hey all you trippers what's that one color called? somewhere between blue and purple and white.. lol.. you know what i'm talkin about...
    anyway, this is the first thing i've ever done where i felt like "oh shit i can't drive.." and to emphasise on what i mean.. this was like, "oh shit, i can't roll the joint.." eheheh my pupils are still huge.
    anyway, what's this have to do with buddah? i just thought i would stop by and chill with you GC folk for a second while i break up a bowl.. :D
  2. You forgot to mention what you did? 2c-i?
  3. it's a sekrat.. you know you know.. but man that shit is, as i read elsewhere, a phsychedelic brick to the head.. omg i couldn't even watch milkdrop on winamp it was too much
  4. i wanna play!
  5. what are you people talking about acid? shrooms?
  6. me neither but i will soon...it sounds great
  7. im gonna say the blue purplle white color is Mother of pearl. atleast that what i always am seeing.
  8. e, not i. e is supposedly more visual. never done i.
  9. and where do yall get this

  10. ...do tell... I've read about it on erowid and stuff but when I read it it was on emergency controlled substance or soemthing.. didnt someone just say they were gonna order it? PM me a website.
  11. good vibes man! keep on trippin' :D
  12. hell yeah..haha, me and my noiga tripped balls and watched a marathon of spongebob square pants..haha, ill never look at spongebob the same :smoke:

    trip on, trip on
  13. this thread is confusing..what substance wer you trippin on dude? [mrcriminal]
  14. Yeh im dieing to know lol
  15. Just so you know, this thread was posted back in 2004. Don't get your hopes up on a reply. :p
  16. Lmao, didnt notice that one.

  17. 2c-e is greattttttttt
  18. mr criminal what were u trippin on

  19. Hey here's an idea let's all go play in the street.

    but you first.
  20. hey heres an idea, lets play "catch sarcasm", but you first

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