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  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww So i was suppose to quit was on like the 2nd day and then my air bed deflated last night and i woke up feeling like fucking dead shit neck hurting arm hurting stomach hurting went then 1 hour goes by feeling that pain got even harder then I was like fuck i cant take this shit I grabed my pipe and smoked a bowl

    Now no pain no more i feeel like a new man holy shit everyone needs to experince this shit!!
  2. moral of the story:

    buy an air bed if you want the best high of your life :smoke:
  3. air beds are a bunch of cunts, i once had to sleep on one for a couple of months and got kidney failure! fuckin airbeds
  4. I wish I had some weed right now... Unfortunately I quit for personal reasons. Hopefully the doc will give me a painkiller that actually works when I go in today. For some reason my body is naturally resistant to all meds.:confused:

    Really sucks when you can't turn your head to the left in it's usual turning radius and your back and upper spine hurt like all holy hell.
  5. Fuck air beds man i tripped on one once it was partially deflated and my face was not cushioned and hit the fucking ground through the air bed. Them shits are nice when you're in a pinch but overall fuck them!
  6. Gooseman's Guide to Air Mattress'

    1) Take air mattress and throw it out
    2) Go to a store that sells beds
    3) Buy a water bed, or a pillow top mattress if you prefer
    4) ???
    5) Profit:devious:
  7. HOLY dang WEED RULES!

    Hallelujah! :hello: Yes, it does, indeed! Want to know just how awesome weed is?

    Click that first link in my sig and read! Cannabis is good for a LOT more than "just " getting high or easing pain! :smoke: Cannabis is a medical miracle! :eek:


    Granny :wave:

  8. your logic is...... impeccable

  9. stop chatting air
  10. see how i put these puns to bed
  11. did anybody notice the first one? it was a bit of a sleeper
  12. sorry i think i deflated this thread a bit
  13. to be honest the topic at first winded me
  14. but i sucked it up and just decided to pump life into this thread and stop it from blowing so much
  15. ok i'm done GOODNIGHT
  16. lmao goodnight :smoke:
  17. that was 3 mins of pure gold if nobody reads those posts im gonna be so pissed

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