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  1. my dealer and friend found out i was growing a couple plants so he came up with this idea that i grow a bunch of plants for him, split the profits, and sell a few things on the side my self. so of course i liked the idea, untill now. lol he droped off something like 40 plants. sure i grow fine weed when its only 10 or so, but 40!!! idk i might be a little worried for nothing i have the space for it, my lighting right now isnt particularly up to par i have a 150 hps light 3 reg halogen lights, 1 halogen work light, a shop light coming in from amazon a couple humidifiers, and of course a cd player for the plants to listen to enya. (i swear my life on growing with enya). im not so worried about 40 plants im more worried about about the volume. he wants 40 plants ready to harvest a week. its a bit high for a guy who sells a couple ounces a week, plus i dont even know how anyone can keep up with that. any pointers would be appreciated. thanks.
  2. In order to continuously harvest 40 plants a week you're gonna need a shit load of plants in veg and flower..... id tell him no, or at least try to be a little more reasonable on his expectations.... I mean what's he gonna do, kick ur ass ... sounds more like he's trying to be mafia or something...
  3. no i doubt hell kick my ass or anything. he just wants to get too big too quick. that makes me more nervous. lol not to mention i love pot as much as the next guy but if he's sellin at best 3 ounces a week then that means im gonna have several hundred pounds of weed stocked up not going anywhare, lol.
  4. Yeah I think his expectations are a little high, but there's always a market for bud, especially high grade so I don't think u would have a problem getting rid of it.... just consider how many plants you would need in a constant rotation to harvest 40 weekly. I mean even 10 plants would get you plenty of weekly yield IMO
  5. see thats what i and a buddy said. but hes hard headed ill grow the first 40 so theres a stock pile but after that 10 is should be good. lol i mean with my 9 i get a little more than a pound every 5 months or so, but im not an industrial grower.
  6. man thats a great business venture, gotta straighten out the details. tho

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