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Discussion in 'General' started by kvcc, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Since I got a trainer and started weight lifting..

    I gained 10 pounds of muscle in 1.5 weeks

    I gained about .7 inches on my arms, 3 inches on my quads :hello:, and 1 inch on my chest, .5 inch on my neck

    IN 1.5 weeks!!! Thats so fast... I was already in good shape endurance wise(I do wrestling) but now im getting stronger...its crazy:D
  2. Shouldn't be against rules, I mean look at what it says under general :

    "Can't find a place to post? This is the place."

    I think I'm in the clear, but next time I will post there.
  3. yeah but we have a section for fitness.
  4. Me too, i started working out earlier this year and i saw some really good results. In about a month i probably gained 3 inches on my biceps (but they were really small before).
  5. :D Just recently I've started to lift weights.. But it's only been when I'm bored I'll do some curls. Been doin this for about a week and I'm seein improvements....

    This thread has motivated me to go downstairs and get a full workout today...

    Bummer I'm a smoker... I'm gona have to stop if I want to get in good shape.. Oh well, smoking cigs is bad for me anyway,,, Have to stop some day riight?

  6. Exactly... it takes literally seconds to look for the right forum If you had looked, you would have seen it.
  7. Okay well I didn't look for it I went straight to general

    Don't shit your pants over it, someone already told me, now i know i will use that board for future reference, so just drop it.
  8. Too late, I already shit my pants.

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