holy crap... up to 18 houses.

Discussion in 'General' started by WL-Jeff, May 20, 2006.

  1. wow.. my city just had a killer ass bust go down.

    in the last week and a half, they have busted 18 and counting houses, each house being a massive grow opt, all connected to eachother.

    the first bust started because someone in the neighborhood seen 2 guys walking into the house with machetes, so they called the cops.

    ever since then, they are just finding one after another after another. its insaine..

    4 of the houses are in my neighborhood, some only being 60yards from my house, and i had no idea of the operation!

    there has been so much pot taken from the cops that the police station's holding room is maxed out, and the main office is starting to reak of dank :)

    crazyass stuff.. just thought id share
  2. Start buying like crazy, 18 houses might cause a big drought.
  3. Damn I wish I was a policeman at that main office haha.
  4. jonsi: actually, im pretty sure it was an out of area operation. i think they played it smart and only grow here, not deal.

    why shit where you eat, so to say.
  5. what part of the sunshine state? i'm in near tampa and haven't heard anything about it
  6. shit man, wish I could slip in to that pigpen and run off with a couple lbs heh
  7. thats crazy man, its a shame a to see all the dank being store in an evidence room.
  8. yea man, i read about it in the paper, the headline says "Pot St. Lucie"
  9. I'd pull a toucan sam and follow my nose straight to the stash, unless i got stopped:(

    I say burn the place down and inhale the fumes when they smell like weed, bound to get a little stoned :p
  10. for real man. haha with all that bud, SOMEONE has to smoke it. it might as well be me!
  11. someone link me to a news story from the area
  12. I'm sure no one called the cops just for matches...... and I'm thinkning even if they did, why would the cops care

  13. Who said matches?.... Lmao
  14. They neighbor prolly knew what the homeowners looked like. He saw someone that he didn't reconize walk into the house with a match lit suspiciously; probably. Arson sounds like probable cause to me, no?

  15. That might explain the drought we have goin around here.
  16. he didnt say match, he said machette. a machette is a huge ass knife/short sword.
  17. when your growin for a livin you dont go chasin peaple down the street with a machete(rule #13)and then they gave up everyone else...no loyalty amonst those in organized crime.looks like they were doin it right in a horticultural sense.i found the story by puting st.lucie pot bust in my search.
  18. hehe, yeh, thats our new name.

    oddly enough, all my friends and I have been wondering, how the hell over the years none of us thought of that name first.

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