Holy Crap! It's raining on my girls!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Chew Toy, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Now I'm worried about mold more than the caterpillars! :confused: Should I be worried?

    Didn't take good advice and cover them up... it's only going to be a sprinkle says I...
    So now what? Run fans on them tomorrow and try to get them good and dry?
  2. Really the best thing to do is go out and shake them really good and get the water out of the buds. Thats what i have been doin this year and so far no mold. Plus i know a few other guys on here that does the same.(OldPork, Corto)
  3. yeah try to shake them off everymorning if its raining alot. also if theres alot of mist on the ground when you wake up you can also shake them. i would be more worried about slugs then caterpillers
  4. I wouldnt worry.
  5. If it's outside where air can circulate then there is no reason for mold to grow. If that was the case then all outdoor plants would mold in a rainy climate.

    I let the water hit mine when ever it pleases and I have no mold at all on my plants.

    and this year has been a VERY rainy season.
  6. Mold will not be on your plants if nature put the water in the air. You should only be worried about it when drying your bud.
  7. Thanks for all the replies! I shook off the water and placed fans around them until they dried. My problem is that several are almost ready and have some caterpillar damage on them. I removed those portions after they dried out today. All looks well.
    I realize Mother Nature is what she is and a healthy plant should be able to withstand a rain storm. I had to do some staking though and thank goodness the wind didn't whip up and blow them to the ground.


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