Holy crap! It's official!

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Fred bought me a ring! Well, sorta...he put the down payment on one. I'll get it for Christmas.

    It's a platinum band (oooooo) with a round cut solitaire. Even though the diamond isn't that big (it's only .08 carat) it's still going to be gorgeous. I haven't seen it yet.

    I'll write more about it later, because we have to go to his dad's house. But oh my fucking god! He bought me a ring!
    He really means it!
  2. The ring sounds beautiful-I love platinum!!

    I have been out of the loop around here lately, how long have you guys been together? Sounds like this is what you've been waiting for.

    Best wishes!

  3. well... now you're in trouble !!

  4. Congratulations!!
  5. Excellent!! Congrats!!
  6. gratulationz!!! ill go smoke a bowl to you guys being married long and forever and good!
  7. A platinum cock ring with a round cut solitaire in it? It's official...y'all are freaks! :p

    Congrats, girl. I wish you a happy everlasting relationship with your soon to be hubby.
  8. hate me if u will but fuck that shit you all are to fucking expensive and not worth the trouble fer the payment at ALL...... i hope your man sobers up or something
  9. sounds like ct needs to get laid lmao, congrats!
  10. Jeez, just because you don't believe you could ever love someone enough to actually spend the sacred guarters you've been saving on doesn't mean that other people can't I don't have that lucky girl, but when I find I'll give her everything I have just to be with me.
  11. Awesome news!!! I'm wishing ya both the best and this next bowl will be for you. :D
  12. how long have you known this guy?

    what does he do for a liveing ?

    where do his parents live?

    what do they do ?

    how far has he gotten in school?

    how long have you known this guy?

    what about his criminal record?

    does he do drugs?
    (other than pot)

    blood tests?


    all im saying is make sure you are sure ....

    and not just caught uo in the moment!

    and if you ate sure....congrates......

    and shit....
  13. He has his G.E.D., he's a maintenance guy at a electronics plant, his dad lives in York and his mom lives in Lancaster...now, granted, I haven't known him that long, but we both really mean it.

    He has nothing on his criminal record, doesn't do any drugs other than weed (doesn't even smoke cigarettes)...blood tests? Well, I had blood testing done when I was pregnant and everything came out normal...so if he had something to give me he would have already.

    No, I don't think I'm being caught in the moment. I love him more than I ever thought I would or could. Nothing I've ever decided on has ever felt so right. And I truly mean that. He is too rare to give up.

    So on another note, why am I not worth the trouble for the payment? He loves me, and I love him. We make each other happy and we're good for each other.
  14. as for the payment...some guys will never believe there are girls...woman out there who are worth it ....

    just like some girls wont ever believe there is a good enuff guy out there....

    maybe {ct} has some issues hes not ready to deal with?

    but as for you....if you want advice from expeariance....take your time...

    just cus you decided to do it does not mean it has to be tomorrow....

    have you lived together yet?

    and what are your "real "veiws on marrage?...devoirse?

    imake sure he knows that it will never ever be easy....

    and that he is ready to do the hard work of makeing a marrage work....

    becose it is alot of work and alot of sacrifice if you want something that will last

    good luck!
  15. We've decided to live together first...we're getting a place in March and we don't even know when the date is...it might even be a year or so from now for all we know.

    I don't know what you mean by my views on marriage, but I know how I feel about divorce...I don't believe in it. We decided that no matter how bad things get we would work it out and maybe even go for counseling if need be. We love each other that much to be willing to do anything to keep each other.

    I'm willing to sacrifice anything to make him happy and I'm sure he feels the same.

    And dammit, I'm not going to let anyone bring me down this time. I'm going to be happy!
  16. i wasent trying to bring you down.....

    just hoping you are thinking it thru is all sounds like you are ....

    and as for veiws on marrage i just mean that you should talk about it and see that your veiws on the subject are simoilar...

    not that there are nessasaraly right and wrong ones...

    just wondering if you had talked about it ...

    like what you expect from one another ..stuff like that

    what you want out of life....

    you know what i mean...
  17. aight first of all {CT} means Cronick Tokers.. its some game clan that i was in fer a bit and i used {CT} PotMacGyver in all my web names so dont be haten the {CT} cause that aint right for all those other little gum chewen, pot smoken geeks out there.... HOWEVER i do dislike MANY of the opposite gender cause lets face it the number of genuine bitches out there vastly out numbers the nice girls that arent all about that... that being the shit i dun even feel like getting into,, that being said I'm all for you two tying the knot, hell invite me too i love weddings... as long as you two are sure this is right for you and you wont be finding yourself at each others throaghts in 2 years............. in my opinion living together is a much bigger step than getting married ever could be and you have, well not you in specific but a couple must live with each other and know each other for a long while before deciding to comit to each other like you two are........... all that out of the way let it be known that I'm all for u two forming a happy life together, and that ring did sound phat... just keep mary with you because as soon as you two dont have something to get the stress out then shit starts getting broken and thats NOT good... ESPECIALLY if theirs a little one as i understand their to be
  18. hey {ct}

    nobodys haten on you brother...

    i totaly see where you are coming from ...(im on my second wife...)

    and i know for a fact that most chicks are useless.....

    not unlike most guys.....

    i also know alot of people who think marrage is the dumbest thing ever invented...

    i myself happen to believe if the right people get together they can make it ..but i also believe most cupp;es just make each other miserable....
  19. Congrats, Hempress!!!! :D If you are happy, that is all that matters. I believe that the living together thing is the very best thing you could do. Tell Fred that I wish you both the very best!!!!! :)

  20. Well I'm going to bust your bubble Hempress.. Happiness is what you make it... You thought I was going to talk you out of this, didn't you???

    You'll do great.. just remember that you both are one and then you are a couple.. That meaning is... don't trey and change the other to be what you want.. Accept each other as you are. don't forget that you are a couple though..

    Be happy............

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