Holy crap, I want one of these!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tripace, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. OZ for $20? How the fuck? That's gotta be the lowest of the low Mexican Cartel weed, right?

    Fuckin oz for $20? The fuck...

  2. Must be mexican brick.
  3. That's in New Zealand folks...Not sure on the exchange rate but it can't really be that cheap. If it is I may have to submit to TSA screening for a little vacation...

  4. NZD, New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rates Table - x-rates

    Apparently you should start packing then, cause it seems the new Zealand dollar is worth about $.82 per $1USD. :smoke:

    So ts actually cheaper than $20 US. Think I better start packing my bags as well. :laughing:
  5. I'm from New Zealand, the article may have got the wording wrong, but they were selling 1g for 20$ NZD.
  6. So really it's just expensive as fuck. Better be some awesome weed.
  7. Fuuuck, if I could get a G of dankness for twenty dollars out of a VENDING MACHINE I would be soooo happy.

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