Holy Crap, I Never Knew I Had This Allergy.

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    Well, I was in Costa Rica awhile back (as some of you may remember). Well, down there tropical fruit literally grows in through your window in your little bunker of a cabin. Ask Joshryche, a member here. He went with me.

    Well, Mangoes grow by the tens of thousands where we were at, no joke. So, naturally we munched out on them constantly. But, I always noticed this little rash around my lips and tongue and sometimes on my face. I really didn't think anything of it because I only spent just under a month down there and it went away relatively quickly.

    Well, where I'm at now just received a shipment of mangoes from Costa Rica. So, I bought a bunch, because they're like fuckin' candy that's chocked full of vitamins.

    I get baked 2 days ago and decide to rip some mangoes and oranges apart and make a nice salad. I woke up the next morning with my eyes and face slightly itchy and a rash-y feeling. Although, I couldn't see the rash, I just felt like something was wrong. Just felt like my face was getting tighter and itchier. I clean my face as usual and lay down, toke a bowl and crash out to some sweet documentary to "Cracking the Maya Code" and not any of that doomsday shit.

    I awoke a couple of hours ago with very swollen, itchy as fuck eyes, and a small rash on the side of my cheek. All I can think about is DO NOT SCRATCH YOUR EYES OUT!

    - Wiki

    Food for Thought - 8/8/98 - The mango that thought it was poison ivy

    Poison Ivy Allergy | Mago Allergy | Allergy


    Now, I am severely allergic to poison ivy and sumac. I balloon up into this festering, oozy pile! Ever have this shit on your nuts? Like walking around with two FIFA balls in your shorts. I grew up in the southeast, NC, FL, and had poison ivy many times. I'm guessing my body is just hyper sensitive to Urushiol now.

    Well, at least I have a reason I to call out of work for a couple of days. But, damn...the itching...:eek:
  2. Damn, that sounds pretty shit. I know what it's like to want to scratch your eyes out, it's unbearable. Hope you're feeling better soon, man.
  3. hahaha i feel bad for u but that made me laugh
  4. Basically what that delicious son-of-a-bitch did to me:

    (No, that's not really me)

  5. That sucks man, them mangos are mighty tasty.
  6. Be very careful eating cashews. Same family, same chemical (esp. the cheaper ones that are not processed correctly)

  7. I was just reading that. There were tons of those around where we staying in Costa Rica as well. But, I didn't try any...thank god.
  8. Should I think about some calamine around my eyes or would that just aggrivate the situation?
  9. i would just let it rest

    thats messed up though man. since mangoes increase your high, you were basically living a stoner's fantasy for a while there, with it growin out your window and all

    well i guess you were lucky you atleast got to enjoy it so nicely on vacation, but your fantasy has just shat the bed
  10. Shit that sucks, and its scary for me, I allergic as fuck from that shit too!

    Ever have poison ivy on your dick? Now thats real fun, especially walking around at daycare with a rag on ur crotch, and having your mommy put special ointment on ur nutz is real fun too :)

    I feel your pain :(, prolly allergic to mangos too :(
  11. Yea, I was clawing through the skin releasing all those oils and I must have brush my eye or something. Its also the sap of the mango tree, along with the steams and leaves.

    I had no clue about this...
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    Take a "Larger than suggested" dose of benedyrl and read up on tee tree oil, its very soothing on rashes.
  13. Well, I just awoke to find my left eye more swollen than ever. Christ, this is annoying.

    This is day 3 and I've heard that this should be the worst of it. Wow...I'm never touching a mango again, ever.
  14. Sucks about the mangoes dude, I had no idea.
    I've been to Costa Rica too, fucking beautiful country.
  15. same here. lmao

  16. You may need to go to the doc and get a Medrol dosepac to get it under control.
  17. Well, I took 10mg of Percs and Smoked a fatty bowl.

    My face maybe swollen and blistered, but I'm feelin' grooOoOOooOvy...
  18. I just got out of the hospital. Woke up in the middle of the night (early this morning) and could barely breathe and the swelling took over my who damn face.

    Had a couple of tubes down my throat and IV with some medication in it to reduce swelling.

    I did get some groovy painkillers and a buddy of mine stopped by with 1/4th of diggity dank. I have a signed 10 day work release since I can't do anything.

    A fuck you, Whale and a fuck you, MANGO!
  19. They did tell you that you'll need an epi pen, now, I hope?:confused:
  20. That really sucks. Fresh mangoes are my favorite fruit.

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