Holy crap. I just died from laughing so much...

Discussion in 'General' started by Sad Panda, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. This is from www.teenhealthfx.com

    The stuff in bold is my own comments.

    I swear, it makes me want to slap them in the face. Fuck them.
  2. Your comments are funny :D

    But are you typing this from beyond the grave??

  3. Thanks!

    And yes. Yes I am. *scary ghost noises* :)
  4. Thats was Hilorious i Mean people really go into all the detail about BloodShot Eyes like it matters..... Hell Having everone know your high as hell is a good thing i thought.... THey seem not to Fuck with ya so much..... I love your comments I just had to print it out and later tonight when me and my friends are under the Influence of the Plant Marijuana ill have to show them the Truth*Smiles* Stupid people with Stupid IDeas

  5. Haha. Glad you enjoyed my stoned ramblings!
  6. i went to the actual site and found the reply from disgruntled marijuana man, if that was you good work. you should ask them about the specific "reseach", and specific "orginazations" that they mention in their reply. i bet they're main source of "research" comes from the highly distinguished B.S. Labratories.

  7. Yeah, it wasn't me unfortunately on that column. But seriously, they're like, "Dur...what specific points are you disagreeing with? We use ACTUAL RESEARCH FROM REPUTABLE SOURCES!" but the information they get from these sources tell them to give advice like, "Bloodshot eyes: It just doesn't look good!". What a bunch of hypocrites.
  8. O.K I dont think that was all that funny but it did make me fell a lot better about being a pot head.

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