Holy cow...This stuff is incredible

Discussion in 'General' started by Sue Do Nim, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. 25 years later and I still love this stuff! Just wanted to say so. Carry on...
  2. 40 years later and I still love this stuff!
  3. My numbers aren't nearly impressive. 3 years later and i still love this stuff!

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    I'm almost at 20 years....

    I don't think any recreational drug has a community like stoners do, and no other drug has such proud users.

    I've apt never heard someone say 'I'm proud to be an alcoholic' or 'cokehead'.
  5. Because it's more of a hobby than an addiction.
  6. I've used it for one million years and still love it
  7. True story. This may be the quote of the year. :)

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