Holy Cow, Just found this stuff (56k users, be careful!)

Discussion in 'General' started by StevenHawking, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Well I just got back from my vacation in maine. I was at a house that you needed to take this long path to get to the beach, and so the other day I was walking there, and I looked down and some weird crap was in the ground, so I went down and looked closer and, I fished these out of the ground!! Well, luckily I was high at the time, so it fits even better to the grasscity mold... I guess. Man, I was so freaked and psyched at the time, it was fantastical...

  2. Go to walmart and buy a cheap metal detector and get back there ASAP!

    There could be coins and all types of relics, looks to be shit from a ship or something.

  3. Top lookes like a bayonet or something, and the bottom seems like a hinge or part of a dollhouse?

    Sweet finds, I credit the powers of highness.
  4. Thats awesome! Get a metal detector and go back! If thats civil war stuff, you can restore it and sell it for lots of money. Its almost free weed money:hello:
  5. I totally agree, I'm going to definitely get back to that spot and try digging some stuff up. It's possible it's from revolutionary war era, because apparently the british invaded Castine, which was a part of maine really close by to where I was, so it's entirely possible! I really wanna find someone who can tell me more about that stuff, so I can authenticate it and then sell it for even bigger money! yaay more weed money!

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